Victor is a little boy who dreams about bringing his dead father back to life by using parts of an old motorcycle.

Carl is on the run from a gang intent on killing him. He finds refuge in a restaurant where a beautiful woman is dining alone.

One fence, four fans, and the game of their lives. This is a story about 4 men and a radio.

A fatal raid in a videostore is the starting point for this ultimate short film within a film (ad infinitum) that plays a bizarre and refined game with fiction and reality.

The Maestro is preparing himself to the performance. The seconds go by slowly…

The first meeting of a separate family. Tragical disillusionment instead of happinness and hopes.

Born with his head on backwards, Cúilín Dualach has a hard life. Shunned by his Father and mocked by the Neighbours. Then one day, he discovers he can do something better than anyone else.

Anti is a surveyor and an obsessed hobby-cyclist. He has a dream. One day he will be able to ride 183 km uphill as cyclists do at Tour de France. And, as we know, faith can move mountains.

Sometimes the truth is hard to face: An old man tries desperately to defend his house against burglars and gets a rude awakening.

A delicious recipe for a quick lunch, from a vanishing age, served fresh and hot at a roadside shack. Sharing a meal like this with anyone should be a pleasurable thing. Except when it has a suprising twist...

2112 AD: A smug scientist is pushed to his limits when his domestic goddess wife gets the nuclear fear and can no longer see the point in doing her chores.

Dino works in a non-stop car wash somewhere in suburbia. When he works alone in a dry summer night a muddy jeep comes in the washer. The jeep is full of blood, and the driver asks a superwash.

Yu Ming Is Ainm Dom is the story of a young Chinese man, who is disillusioned with his dead-end job at a supermarket.

God accidentally drops the key to the gates of Heaven to Earth, and is forced to make a terrestrial excursion to retrieve it.

An unknown virus has destroyed almost the entire human population...

A lonely man lives in his cozy apartment. He spends the days in his workplace, and gets everything he may need in the night. The story is set in the future that could be the past too.

4 singer sing the 4 voices of an ancient Russian folksong.

Two young gymnasts dance to drum and bass in their local gym. A magical and adrenaline-fuelled world, evoking the promise of freedom and the power of adrenaline of the early teenage years.

Somewhere in the wilds, there is a tower sheltering an aging Jester`s solitude. There, the sullen weirdo feeds on dreams about his own greatness. Yet life in the world of illusions is defined by the simple fact that not everything in it is what it seems to be...

Five choreographers, five worlds, five singular languages of the body. Dance escapes from the stage to the outside world. A cinematographic tale where each body triggers strange resonations with their surroundings.

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