''Accepting me'' – a short film for a safer society

Recognize the reality through the feelings and minds of a child with autism. Talk about it and be a game changer. We know what to do if a person in a wheelchair needs our help or how to assist a blind person using a white cane. People on the autism spectrum have no such visible disability. Most of us do not know how to recognize them, or how help them. For an autistic person our knowledge, compassion and empathy can provide such an aid. In spite of their unconventional behavior in some situations, their dreams and aspirations are the same as anyone else's. To provide an autistic person with a safe environment, we need to create an accepting society.

"Accepting me" (please find English subtitles in settings) tells the story of a bond formed between a boy on the autism spectrum and his wheelchair bound classmate. The film was not intended to be educational material about autism, rather it was created to inspire a dialogue in classrooms between educators and students, parent groups, and for all wishing to understand people on the autism spectrum, and people with disabilities in general. The film is available on YouTube, it has a Facebook page and it is accessible for everyone without restrictions. We hope it finds and touches a lot of people. Please share. http://www.sorsforditofilm.hu


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