The most exciting part after the festival is when we make our selections of the bests, as well as of the Hungarian ones to be sent out to the world. This time through Balassi Institute these pieces will be delivered to 24 different Institutes and partner festivals where they will decide if putting them on screen or not. The few who already take this great opprtunity are i.e. Indian Institute where we will appear in co-operation with Delhi Short Film Festival. The other, not-so-far venue is in Ljubljana, Slovenia where the date is not yet set, but we will visit the workshop in Trbovlje Youth Center in mid November despite, as the LIFFE will also take place there on that week. The most enthusiastic team were the Turkish though. The co-operation with them is going back years now and still flourishing. we will hold presentation in Izmir on the first week of November and in Istambul at Universal Kids festival at the end of the month. The 28th International Short Film Festival of Istambul will be held in December and 13th Akbank Short Film Festival next March. Beside the festivals screenings will be held throughout Turkey in several Universities, and we do hope that we can get along with other institutes as well in the future just like the one in Stuttgart next May with whom the negotiation is ongoing.


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