We could get used to the fact that the number of submissions exceeded 1000 in the past years, this year was no exception. The pre-jury of the 12nd BuSho International Short Film Festival made their best efforts to screen and discuss the submissions. Their routine in doing this helped them of course and the members gave feedbacks after the selection in spring referring to a great experience: ”A dedicated pre-jury member is always happy to sit through more hundreds of short films – a pastime I undertook for the umpteenth time as a kind of intellectual fulfilment, and boy, did I not regret it! A good short film is compact, gets to the point and is made with lots of love and gravy....” stated László Rimóczi, standing member and online journalist. Similarly to the previous year, his accomplices were Edina Csüllög, director who lives in Estonia, Asia Dér, freelancer film maker and our newly-weds who are responsible for screening the animation films: Annaida Orosz and Tamás Patrovits. Balázs Simonyi, our festival expert delegated a few films, and our festival director, Tamás Gábeli kept his eyes open at the festivals, too, and after an extensive selection process, the result is the competition programme constituted of 74 short films with a total play time of 15 hours from 25 countries in the categories of fiction (39) experimental (16), and animation (19). We always treat the Hungarian works with great caution – the largest delegation in this year from all the participant countries with 15 entries – and we will also screen 50 shorts in the panorama section. The informational films are also granted an informational screening. The details about the time and venue will be announced later along with the other accompanying programs. And noooow, we would like to ask each creator who finds her or his film in a specific section, to upload the screening copy of the film by using the FTP-address that we provided, OR send a link to us from which we can download the film. The deadline for sending us the screening copies is 15 July.  The deadline for the accreditation is 30 July for those who would like to participate in person at the Festival.

UPLOAD your screening copy:

1920x1080 PAL 25 fps, h264.mp4 / 48 kHz 16 bit stereo!!! (DCP and other formats won't be accepted!)

For the submissions arrived to us from 8 different platforms we kindly ask each creator to log in to your specific accounts, check the data and if there are omissions or if you would like to change something, please do it ASAP, for we will use your given data for the compilation of the catalogue – with special regard to the length of the film, the e-mail address of the director and the index picture.

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