Euroshort Festival Network

It’s only Sofia left of the schedule of the 2016 Euroshort Network, because even the flagship of this serial Forli did their part already, featuring the Hungarian participant Sty of Ottó Hermán. The turning point will be Sofia where they will announce the 2017 selection including the Hungarian nominee. There is one more thing we await this festival with great excitement that is BuSho has the privilege to make the corporate identity of the Network for next year. According to this our graphic mates made their effort and their proposal works went into a selection process by 10 members of the BuSho team. Their anonym voting named the winner that will be sent to the HQ of the Network and it will be shown in all 9 partner festivals next year. We’d like to show you the best works: came third Dániel Pucz with 27 points, second: Attila Incze with 34 points whilst the winner is Ákos Zeleny making 39 points. He also won a participation in the exchange program in Slovenia in November.


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