After the organisation of the Gombolyag-Farewell we became entitled to use the usual rhyme: new round, new entries, for which we hope would not sound surprising! Nor the fact that we carefully laid out the plans for 2016, including its most important events, such as:

  • writing our applications for domestic and international funds,
  • unfortunately this year’s Partium workshop course is cancelled, however, we will announce the call for the spot&poster competition,
  • our spring buzz will start at the FEC festival (see details below),
  • we will work our gluteuses off in April and May at Gombolyag, for the first swallows (aka. campers) announced themselves for the end of May, then, we proceed to the 10th GomBuSho camp, the Bio- Life Style camp, the Honey Bees camp and... do not forget to cheer to two world-wide awaited sporting events,
  • we will take part in a one-week workshop upon the invitation of the Croatian Film Association,
  • and we are eager to fit in somewhere the Home project’s Hungarian week which will be the continuation of Blind Diary and Under the Moon – including two more countries,
  • 12th BuSho in the first of September, no surprises at the usual niveau...

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