Just as Santa’s Reindeer-run sleigh, the submissions have started rolling in to the 12th BuSho Festival. As usual, we received petitions for entry-fee-exempt submissions from regions hit by financial sanctions, as well applications for an official invitation for Visa from third world countries, and the surprises are still in the box! One of the first registered filmmakers for the 12th edition is Patrick Vollrath from Austria, who is no stranger to us, for his films The Jacket and Ketchup Kid were screened earlier at BuSho, and we are happy to announce that his newest creation, „Alles wird gut” is among the contenders for the Oscar in short film category. We keep our fingers crossed for our brothers-in-law. (Or: Wir drücken die Daumen.) Naturally we cheer for a Hungarian nominee as well: László Nemes Jeles, the director of “The Son of Saul”, whose short film was a contender at BuSho before, and was the first Hungarian to receive a Golden Globe. Now after a lengthy pause, his film brought an Oscar nomination for Hungary in the category of Best Foreign Language Film. Just to ketchup catch up, we, too, did a spot containing tomato , which implies that according to impossibility calculations we may expect a nomination from the AMPAS.... or do we?


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