Following the Duna Mozaik tour in 2011 we started work with MCT (Mladinski Center Trbovlje) youth centre. Since then we took part in 3 International Programmes of theirs in the tiny Slovenian mining town by the river Sava. After the projects Blind Diary and Under the Moon this time we presented with an old yet new Hungarian team on the workshop called What Would The World Be Like? in the thematic of discrimination. Nearby the hosting and Hungarian team youngsters also from Croatia and Germany had one week to transform their idea into a presentable film. “It was a pleasure being here, I got exactly I expected from this workshop, to get an taste of live shooting. It was well presented how it should be. The development of my acting career, and the country were just bonuses really...” said Ákos Zelényi who played the main role in the Hungarian work. Here is the making of the workshop, the shortfilm Tape we made, as well as a piece from the news of the Slovenian television. 


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