13th BuSho Submission closed

In accordance to previous years the registering timeline from 1-Dec to 15-April has come to its end on all platforms for 13th BuSho. The usual number of entries were received which again counts around one thousand. Half of the entries came through Filmfreeway, the rest were mainly devided on BuSho’s own portal and Reelport. You can take a closer look into these on our website while the detailed statistics will be announced once all got summarised. The most important deadlines are listed on our website! We’d like to ask all subscribers to regularly check their spam folder of mailing system and if you made your entry please remember the date 15th June. If you do not receive acknowledgement of your submission, please take a look on our website where all results will also be displayed. Now the main role is with the pre-jury and the filmmakers can cross fingers if they want to be part of the competition of the 13th BuSho Festival. Good luck!


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