Our updated pre-jury has finished their selection process – involving a brand new and an old/new member – as a result of which 75 shorts are in competition for the 3 main prizes and 8 category prizes due at the 13th BuSho Festival. The screening time is 15 hours alltogether - as usual, 17 animation, 9 experimental and 49 fiction films, however the number of Hungarian short films will be 17 this year (unlike earlier when there was 1 Hungarian short in each screening block). The Law of Large Numbers has once again proved itself to be true – the most contenders come from countries that have finished on top of the entry-statistics, bearing in mind that this may not mean anything if we consider that we’ve met so far an Irish artist with a Hungarian name, a Polish artist whose nationality was Swiss or  a Frenchman from Spain... There are exceptions that prove the rule – in case of countries submitting a small number of shorts: this gems come from Venezuela, Korea or Belarus. Let us know listen to what the members experienced – as always, ladies first:

Annaida Orosz: “That animations are entertaining and joyful is no surprise to us, however, this year quite a few documentary animations were present, bringing to light rather thoughtful topics, and the most bizarre moments were brought to you by Hungarian animators!”

Boróka Vajda: “I feel that even the most sincere topic needs to be addressed with a hint of humor, these moments depicting of extremely inverted situations hold a mirror before us, and in it we may recognize ourselves.” Luckily, BuSho attracts films that are able to laugh at themselves.”

Zoltán Vozó Végh: “The sheer amount of entries warranted for the re-occurence of certain motives, the story tellers tend to repeat themselves and each other. Whenever I see something new and unique it has a definite refreshing factor! As the average level of the entries is rather high, we have an easy task in selecting the best.”

László Rimóczi: „I wondered how a director can get my mind out of the rut with a short and what resources, ideas does s/he use to cause me to proclaim: “That's it! Thanks!”- I have actually found quite a few pieces where everything was in place: colors, tunes, flavors, hearts, smiles and slaps. And nevertheless, more and more of these have something to say as well.”

Unfortunately not everyone could make it to the competition, and we have found several creations in full length at some video-share-portal, therefore – as usual – Panorama screenings will be held, and we will screen each Hungarian work submitted, therefore we would like to call the attention of the creators who are featured at any of the lists to send the screening copy no later than *15 July* to us with burnt-in English subtitles and the following parameters, which we will send in a dedicated letter to everyone! Should you have any technical or other questions, do not hesitate to send them to, to or to! If you would like to participate at the festival, please submit your accreditation at the webpage or write to for further information.

UPLOAD your screening copy:

1920x1080 PAL 25 fps, h264.mp4 / 48 kHz 16 bit stereo!!! (DCP and other formats won't be accepted!)

We kindly ask each creator to check the data and if there are omissions or if you would like to change something, please do it ASAP, for we will use your given data for the compilation of the catalogue – with special regard to the length of the film, the e-mail address of the director and the index picture. Kérjük továbbá a magyar alkotókat, hogy legyenek szívesek 2 nyelven azaz magyarul és angolul is elküldeni a szinopszist a filmjükhöz! Thank you!

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