Festival Insight

It was an eventful period in festival's world, since our once-jury member Ildikó Enyedi tamed the Golden Bear in Berlin as well as Kristóf Deák won the Academy award for his short, Mindenki (Everyone). Our deepest honour goes to both teams in the making, and special greetings to Róbert Maly cinematographer of the latter movie. In the near future in March the Géczy-Hörcher pair who succeed last year with a presentation in Akbank Sanat of Istanbul, the BuSho delegation takes part once again. This time it is István Kovács representing Betonzaj (The sound of concrete) and Milán Kopasz with the animation Beyond. The sound of concrete has also an invitation to FEC Festival in Reus, Catalunya as well as Áron Ferenczi's Mr. Miller! Last but not least the Cifra3 Hungarian Film Days in Moscow will also showcase Mr. Miller, Balázs Simonyi's Indian and Kata Oláh: En passant. Obviously we will give you a review of all these events in our next newsletter.


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