In a foreign land

Last year’s BuSho winner, The sound of concrete and it’s crew fulfilled their promise and as a delegate by BuSho they made it to the FEC Festival in Reus, Ankara as well as Akbank Sanat in Istambul. Director István Kovács told us: It was very exciting to show our movie in a completely different society. To see how easily the homeland point of view can meet this different aspect. They loved the movie and had plenty of questions in regards BuSho. They wanted to know what chances shortfilms get in Hungary to be seen by the public and how open spectators are for this genre of film. A big thanks for Cultural Institute, Áron and Gábor were friendly, helpful and interested in our work all the way, the whole event was well organized, so we are thankful for that. The preview of the Cifra3 Days of the Hungarian Film can be read here, while the upcoming German-Hungarian presentation in Stuttgart will be summarised in our next newsletter.


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