Pre-jury updated

Those of us who went through this trial claim that one of the key points of festival organization is to be dealt with by the pre-jury – selection is a mind-boggling feat which requires unbelievable energy and concentration: selecting 15 hours of shorts to be screened for the other juries and the audience from 1000+ hours of shorts. It also means that the members of the jury change from time to time, the reasons may be baby-time or a study program abroad – lucky for us, there are always volunteers who would like to give a try for this challenge. Such as for example Zoltán Vozó Végh, who is in love with cinema – so he told us – and according to whom Ghostbusters is the best film ever. So far he has directed reality shows, soap operas and he is a keen BuSho fan. Bori Vajda has been with us for years now, she studies at ELTE University and takes part in the Film Theory and Film History programme, we hope she’ll get a good first-hand experience! Annaida Orosz, a long-time member of the jury is responsible for screening the animations. Our other BushoSaurus is like the proverbial man who has come from afar: he tells whatever he likes (and indeed he tells fabulous stories): “I, bearing the maiden name of László Rimóczi, a standing member of the pre-jury await with rosy hot cheeks to dive into the joyful bliss of the preliminary screening. Me, my sight and my mind – running wild as always – can hardly wait to decide about those lucky ones that will maybe(!) win the Golden BuSho prize and other marvellous etceteras...” Fruitful work, a whole lotta’ experience and many-many good short films in the competition programme is all we wish for ourselves!

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