As we expressed it previously the hardest job in the whole year process is to watch all the received shorts to make a selection of the competition. Since there were ten times as many as the competition program can fit in, you can imagine this… Obviously there are always more quality films than we can squeeze into the program, making the panorama screening more and more competitive every year in which we show the shorts that were not selected. The pre-selection started on 15-March. Their line up has changed a bit, due to maternity leave, studying abroad and other unpostponable events. The only proof of permanency is László Rimóczi writer, who can always make a witty summarising: “There are still only a few fimmakers who use short film for its purpose: compressing or shortening. The trend of "No idea, but have a camera" is also still alive. So this year I made my mind up and decided to a guideline for myself: seeking for new impressions. Down with snobism and well-known paths. I wondered how a director can disrupt me with a short and what resources, ideas one using to achieve that I can say: That's it! Thanks! - I actually fund quite a few pieces where everything were in place: colors, tunes, flavours, hearts, smiles and slaps. And nevertheless, more and more of these have something to say as well.” The other old member of the pre-jury is Annaida Orosz who makes the selection of the animations for many years now with his husband Tamás Patrovits. Our debutant in pre-selector job is Boróka Vajda, she is though with us for a few years now and also filming student at ELTE. We can also welcome a great comeback from Zoltán Vozó Végh, who were the head technician in the Kultiplex era, but he realised after taking a curve elsewhere that there is no life without BuSho. Once the competition program set we will delegate the 4 member student jury, then announcement of the program on 15-June, so stay tuned!

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