Spot & Poster 2017 again

Following the successful past years we announce anew a Spot&Poster competition for which we await short films no longer than 30, respectively 60 seconds, featuring the provided topics, furthermore posters. We await the entries of everybody, regardless of age, gender and belief, this means that we are curious about your opinion from all corners of the Earth. The winners in each category are entitled to take part in the 11th GomBusSho all-arts workshop lasting one week and planned to be held between 1-8 July free and no strings attached. We will screen and exhibit each creation on the 13th BuSho Festival in September 2017.


In 2017 it’s time for the 13th BuSho to take place – overwhelmed with joy, our dear team member, Mr. Rimóczi László let his mind wander and gave us the following inspirational essay – hopefully one that inspires all of us! Lowe &  Behold! THE UNLUCKY 13th


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