We have thrown ourselves for the 13th („unfortunate”) time into the sea of dust the harvest brought, which has again not caused any trouble for the small but very enthusiastic team, because the pool, or the garden shower or the Szelidi lake were all there to wash off the dirt. The aim was to create the design elements of the festival, for which we had some long absent friends and five newbies, who have found out about us at the Partium Christian University, in the college dormroom, or the workplace café! Following the first night of getting to know each other the work and the fun has begun with the spotfilm shooting of the annual National Student Film Festival. Different ideas started to come along after another, the characters started to come to life, a curious watermonster came into the picture, a certain tennis star has visited the camp, named Ivan Landlee, chess figures have come to life, a cave expert has dived into the depths of the fountain, then the aliens have arrived and finally without further a do, we participated at a very stressful tai-chi shooting also. What will all this amount to? It will all come to light at the festival!

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