Following the screening copies of the competition and panorama films (deadline is 1st of July), the final list of films has been formed slowly, from which we will soon set up the detailed schedule of each block, and If the crew has been only waiting for this, then they can accredit themselves for the festival till August 1st on the following link:

Naturally we had films in the panorama programme that have been called back and unfortunately we had instances where we had to take a film out of the programme because of the unintelligible premiere policy of an other festival, to deepest sorrow and regret from both the organizers and the director, we do not wish to comment on this. We will publish the detailed schedule on our website till July 15th the latest, and If someone wants to experience the 15th annual Busho Festival personally, they can registrate at the website, more details in August, till then, have a nice summer!

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