After lengthy preparation and deliberation, the competition and panorama program for this year’s 16th BuSho Festival has finally been born. Based on the votes of the renewed pre-jury, 66 short films from 23 countries were finally entered into the competition, of which 5 were experimental, 15 were animated and 46 were fictional works. Once again, the Hungarian artists caused a serious headache for the pre-jury, because we got so many excellent works from the home field, that it was really difficult to decide in the confusion of abundance. There were some who did an excellent job but crossed the 30 minute entry threshold, others also hit the competition level even with their 2 films, but true to our habits we chose only one for the competition, again there are big returnees and debut young artists in the field. Of course, the international production also promises a very colorful program, according to the law of large numbers, the presence of most countries submitting films is dominant, such as the Germans or the French, but different nations are also represented by one work. Among the animated competition films, there is an outstanding number of Czechs this time, but there was a lot of competition in this category as well, so it will be worth paying attention to the international and Hungarian panorama program as well.

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