Student Jury Best Fiction: Second round by Gábor Holtai (Hungary)
Student Jury Best Animation: Sororal by Frédéric Even, Louise Mercadier (France)
Student Jury Special mention: Casting by Sándor Csoma (Hungary)
The National Filminstitute 2 x 500.000,- HUF award for the best Hungarian animation and fiction:
The best Hungarian animation in 2020 – Symbiosis by Andrasev Nadja (Hungary/France)
The best Hungarian fiction in 2020 – If once / Ha egyszer by Marcell Wrochna (Hungary)
International jury awards:
BuSho Award 2020 BEST ANIMATION – Daughter by Darya Kashcheeva (Czech Republic)
BuSho Award 2020 BEST EXPERIMENTAL – Selfies by Claudius Gentinetta (Switzerland)
BuSho 2020 BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY – Tobias Hochstein in Moon Drops by Yoram Ever-Hadani (Serbia)
BuSho Award 2020 BEST COMEDY – The Best Orchestra in the world by Henning Backhaus (Austria)
BuSho 2020 Special Mention Mall by Jerry Hoffmann (Germany)
BuSho Award 2020 BEST ACTRESS – Blénesi Kincső in Casting by Sándor Csoma (Hungary)
BuSho Award 2020 SPECIAL PRIZE OF SOPRON – Anja by Benő Baranyi (Hungary)
BuSho Award 2020 SZIGET SPECIAL PRIZE – Since she is with me by Rozália Szeleczki (Hungary)
BRONZE BUSHO prize 2020 – Vasárnap / Sunday by Andor Berényi (Hungary)
SILVER BUSHO prize 2020 – Archibalds' syndrome by Daniel Perez (France)
GOLD BUSHO prize 2020 Anna by Dekel Berenson (UK)
More details are coming soon on www.busho.hu!
See you in 2021 at the 17. Budapest Short Film Festival!

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