Basically, everything is fine, but it should be noted on the side that we hope it can only come better than 2020, after all sorts of festivals were really postponed and slipped back and forth this year, and then what was held didn’t have an absolute spectator peak. And towards the end of the year, the trend isn't exactly improving, the world seems to be closing again soon, but optimistic forecasts suggest that wrinkles will smooth out next summer and dances may begin, so we're preparing that way. Or so that although for us the festival and the online term are still incompatible, we are building a virtual B track on which we are moving with the disease. This year’s memoir wasn’t packed to the brim, but we made several of our old debts come true when we uploaded the missing bushovision content to the image gallery or just into the posters. The entry season starts on December 1 for the 17th BuSho International Short Film Festival, again with minor changes in the rules, of course. So we are looking for fiction, animation and experimental works shorter than 30 minutes made after January 1, 2019 from all over the world, in addition to the updated own BuShonline interface, or exclusively through the filmfreeway page, for which we have listed the most important dates and deadlines on the website. We would like to ask all entrants to engage themselves with the date of June 1 for spam filters in different mail systems, and if they do not receive the notification, take a look at our website, where we will also post the results!

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