The submission period has just started in december for the 16th anuual BuSho Festival, but we already count time backwards, as quoting sports lingo the second half began on this sweet sixteen! We have received quite a lot of submissions so far, but the rest is yet to come, and because of wrong innervations, some of it will come in the last minute, or even a little bit after the deadline. Of course, no matter how or when, we are continously looking forward to receiving great short films from everyone, If you haven’t sent your film to us yet, you still can do it, and don’t forget to inform the pharmacist of your physician, or in the new advertising, the useful bacteria of your intestinal flora. Since a lot of filmmakers indicated that they are having trouble re-uploading their shorts due to the poor internet connection, but there is already an existing password protected vimeo link for their movie, so we created a quick help! We have included these two lines into the BuSho entry form, which will allow the pre-jury to view the entry. Of course, this does not relieve the creators from filling in the entry form, only the movie does not have to be uploaded to the server!

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