Two important information arrive yesterday morning, the first government information is connected to our international guests: „Coronavirus news came on 28th of August evening, that the second wave is here, the Operational Group gave its recommendation, and regarding border protection, Hungary is returning to the rules of the first wave, as a main rule, from the 1st of September, foreign citizens may not enter the territory of Hungary, only in justified cases.” Unfortunately, so far we have not received an answer as to what constitutes a justified case, such as membership in the international jury, but we sent the guest list to get a permission that would allow the international guests to enter the country next week as everyone bought their plane or train tickets of course and several also started getting a double covid test no older than 5 days. The other concerns all the interested audience, we received from the director of the Italian Institute: “In order to effectively combat the growth of the infection and avoid possible liability, the mandatory use of a mask should be requested from the audience attending the BuSho Film Festival at the Italian Cultural Institute. The obligation does not apply to artists performing on stage. " We hope that the details of the final solution will be revealed soon, in any case, we have started to prepare the B-plan, however, we continue to welcome the authors and the all the guests on Tuesday evening at the Opening or on Wednesday at the start of the competition program at the Puskin Cinema.

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