The FESTINET Short Film Festival Network was officially born in 2019, but among the partners there are several, who have been working on the international field for more than a decade! We want to show the world that small festivals without red carpet are able to operate at a high professional and artistic level. The purpose of the cooperation is to promote the introduction of the festivals at each other's events and to represent the community in a unified way anywhere else. The Partners can send a short film candidate from 8 different countries by 1st December each year, which will then represent the festival and the country next year by all other festivals! All festivals will show the films and festival representatives will choose one, who get a FESTINET award at the end of every year! This award is handed out every year at another festival, which will ensure the preparation of the prize and the invitation/delivery the author! The same festival produces the graphics of the current year, used by all partners during the next season! The first official FESTINET screening will take place on Thursday, April 2nd, 6:30 p.m. at Arts Santa Monica (La Rambla, 7, 08002 Barcelona). Thanks to Mecal Festival and it’s director, Roberto Barrueco!




FESTINET partner festivals 2020 date order:



MARCH MECAL (SPAIN) --- https://mecalbcn.org/en



JUNE FIGARI (ITALY) --- https://www.figarifilmfest.it



JUNE PORTO FEMME (PORTUGAL) --- http://portofemme.com/en



AUGUST KANSK (RUSSIA) --- http://kanskfest.ru



SEPTEMBER BUSHO (HUNGARY) --- https://busho.hu



SEPTEMBER PALACE (BULGARIA) --- http://www.inthepalace.com



NOVEMBER IZMIR KISA (TURKEY) --- https://www.izmirkisafilm.org



NOVEMBER EUROSHORTS (POLAND) --- http://www.euroshorts.pl







block 1 (75’):



Piękna rzecz (Beautiful Thing) / Adrian Kuciel / 14:08 / Fiction / Poland



Tasks of the Day / Petya Zlateva / 5:00 / Animation / Bulgaria



Mrs. Rozgonyi / Rozália Szeleczki / 21:32 / Fiction / Hungary



Bollywood Road / Oleg Blinov / 35:00 / Fiction / Russia



block 2 (75’):



Barê Giran - Ağır Yük / Yılmaz Özdil / 17:00 / Fiction / Turkey



Lursaguak / Izibene Oñederra / 12:00 / Animation / Spain



Il nostro concerto / Francesco Piras / 15:00 / Fiction / Italy



Maria / Catarina Neves Ricci / 29:00 / Fiction / Portugal

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