This project is a transnational youth initiative, created as on the initiative of young participants in the previous project Finding Humanity. The project will address the topic of stereotypes and related hate speech through the already existing informal methods of youth work, by introducing a new way of implementing youth work through new media (NFC method) into the work of partners and more broader. The project involves three partners - the YOUTH CENTER TRBOVLJE from Slovenia, the Association for the SHIFT OF FILM CULTURE DJIFONI-M SKOPJE from Macedonia and GOMBOLYAG FOUNDATION from Hungary, 6 persons from each country – 5 youngsters + 1 mentor. We started the project from the visual perspective, as we would like to emphasize that things are often different as it seems at first glance - looks can deceive. We will create an EXHIBITION in each partner country with 15 photographs aimed at provoking a reaction in the observer and summing up their own judgments about the displayed. Each photo will be equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication) chip with a link to a short video that will give the viewer an insight into the background of the story and an opportunity to unravel the related stereotype.

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