Organized by the ULLENS Center for Contemporary Art, the Anaya Film Festival, titled Immaterial / Re-material: Human Hallucinations, Floating Dreams, was held in Qinghuangdao - Changli between October 31 to November 1, 2020. The chinese subtitled Hungarian films for the event were provided by the BuSho film festival with the collaboration of the Beijing Hungarian Cultural Insitute: Cosmic Jacuzzi (Anikó Takács), Entrophy (Buda Flóra Anna), Catapult (Balázs Szövényi-Lux), Mr. Mare (Luca Tóth) and the Best Game Ever (Kristóf Deák) At the event, Dr. Szonja Andrea Buslig, head of the BHCI, answered all the questions and held a forum on the situation of the Hungarian film industry: "The audience really liked the Hungarian short films, which was proved by the serious questions asked after the screening." At the request of the organizers of the 7th Chongqing Youth Film Festival, with the assistance of the Consulate of Hungary in Chongqing and BHCI, Hungary was also able to take part in the event. The selection of the Hungarian shortfilms were provided by the BuSho film festival as well: Mrs. Rozgonyi (Szeleczki Rozália), Best Game Ever (Kristóf Deák), Last Call (Kis Hajni), Bond (Judit Wunder) and A Siege (István Kovács)​. And the screenings are not over here yet, as there will soon be a presentation in Nanjing as well and we hope this process will continue across the country until the end of next year.

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