We have been thinking for years now about how we could reach the BuSho number that’s always two years ahead with the most recent GomBuSho, as the festival has started in 2005, and the all-art workshop has started in 2007 and then Gabix came. Years and years of memories we made together connects me to him, the student film festival director of all time, whose incomparable Johnny Weissmüller hair and whose head was echoed by the horn of Lehel in the Szőke movie, or as Bakács called him in his previous article: the merzagabor. He very bravely said: next year you should do three workshops! I slapeed my forehead and shouted: yes, this can be the solution, and now the moment has arrived. So in 2020 we catch up to ourselves, which means at the 16th BuSho Festival the audience will get to see the best moments of 14th, 15th and 16th workshops.

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