First of all, congratulations to the selected artists and we would like to draw your attention immediately, to send us the screening copies of the films, with burnt-in english subtitles and the other parameters below, about which we will send everyone a separate letter! If there are any technical or other questions, we are receiving those at the busho@busho.hu or at the webmaster@busho.hu adresses. Everyone, who wants to personally participate at the festival, can submit the accreditation on the webpage, or can write to the entry@busho.hu adress for further information.



UPLOAD your screening copy: 1920x1080 PAL 25 fps, h264.mp4



48 kHz 16 bit stereo!!! (DCP and other formats won't be accepted!)



Please double check your short’s details before and after submitting! Should anyone require some change or have something missing, they can make adjustments. Especially in case of length of film, email address of the director, and photos, because mainly these are what we work with.



Download the Official Selection logos here!

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