The fourth season of the FESTINET international short film festival network is coming with the participation of 8 partners and the arrival of new candidates. Several suggestions have been made in connection with the Hungarian candidate, but first we would like to say goodbye to the work that has represented us all over Europe over the past year, according to its order and manner. We don't have a hard time, because you can watch already the shortfilm Katapult online, we would like to personalize the director, who is called Balázs Szövényi-Lux. One of the directors who has advanced from the BuSho Student Jury to a competition film director will take the trouble and visit the festival once their film has been selected, and even willing to comment the festival in the making of from 4:14, plus how well he did! Stepping up that particular ladder, he is currently working on the post-production of his first feature film, for which we wish him the biggest success! The delegate of the 2022 Festinet BuSho is none other than Gábor Holtai's work entitled the Second Round, which we have previously reported on several occasions in connection with the presentation on CIFF Cleveland. The dystopic work starring Rozi Lovas, Áron Molnár and István Znamenák won the Student Jury Prize at last year's BuSho festival.

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