Since the fish swimming competition we know, that „only dead fishes swim with the tide”, but a little bit we begin to become abandoned. Basically, it’s not okay to miss the Chinese tour in 2020 either, of course we just nod, like the whole world around us, what else could we do? However, based on a recent message from Beijing, we need to cancel this tour again this year: “The current Chinese situation still does not allow visas to be issued. Or Chinese vaccination can be entered through Hong Kong, subject to quarantine rules, which are currently 3 plus 1 week.” Slowly, they are really shifting people’s brains to the level where no one is planning anything, but that will be the end itself. Although we did our best again in the matter, we received a message with the wonderful Chongqing catalogue at the end of last year, and now we have created our own 3-language brochure, but unfortunately it looks like again only the virtual reality show remains. So our goal after „the reboot” is to record a Rackajam concert with a case at the 17th BuSho opening in the Verdi Hall on August 31, to which we will post add a Chinese language moderator and send it to the 3 Chinese cultural institutes in Beijing, Chongqing and Shanghai. „BuSho go China feat Rackajam” was the plan, but it will still be amazing and we hope that we can expect so much success on the presentations that by the time we really get there, the overall happiness will break out.

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