In 2022 is a bit unbelievable, but the 18th BuSho Festival is coming, and what does that mean? The fact that we raised another child along our own will be the age of majority next year -at the event which was unique at the born as an international short film festival in Hungary- it can start it’s independent journey! Of course, the awakening in 2004, saying, “BuSho! That’s it!" It’s been as if thousands of years have passed, if we just look at the technical development, because we got copies of VHS tapes for the first events, then came the DVD and DV eras, until now all the physical media are slowly disappearing from our lives. And this, of course, is just one of many reasons why and how the world around us is changing and we are changing with it. At first, it was not satisfactory but uplifting to present international short films at a festival that provided a huge experience for everyone, as there was no other forum where these would have been available. Today, however, we have accelerated to such an extent that almost all content is available anywhere, it is enough to reach into our own pockets and with the advent of online festivals that do not exist for us and the fear of the “stay home, watch TV” generation intensifies. Then slowly everyone stays at home and develops visually so qualified that they decide for themselves whether it is good or bad what they see, instead of focusing on the community togetherness that is the essence of the festival, but please don’t tell me, that this will be the reality! In any case, now is the time to refresh and in the coming years we will try to hand over control to the youth section, who are of course not so young anymore, plus they have been with us for 5-6 years, so they know exactly what they are up to and even enjoy the challenge. Of course, this does not mean that the previous BuSho team will disappear from the scene, we will just redeploy our forces and we will also present a brand new project next Year. However, you can now read the last article on this page, because from now on you will find the archive here, and the mobile-optimized new page will be with all the new features from December 1, and most importantly with the new regulations, which contain many important changes will take effect when the opportunity to enter the 18th BuSho International Short Film Festival opens!

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