"BushoVision is not a media campaign against the US president" shortfilm.de

"BushoVision is not a media campaign against the US president"   shortfilm.de FROM THE EVOLUTION TO THE REVOLUTION!
The 2nd BuSho Vision International Short Film Festival
4-8th of August 2006 again in Kultiplex, Budapest

films, concerts, theater, exhibitions in one place
deadline of entry: 4th June 2006
Come and visit us for some cultural refreshment, right before Europe's biggest Open Air Festival! head
"This amazingly fresh, crisp, young and fun festival is destined to grow and reach a high profile image not only in Central East Europe but on a truly international level.
I am ready to support the organizers any way I can and I look forward to Busho 2006."
Wolfgang Leis, jury member

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