Dear Filmmakers!

Thank you for your entry to the 8th BuSho Film Festival.

As you can see it in the statistic below, we received an enormous amount of shorts. So we ask for your kind patience for decision which will be made sometime in June as well as you being informed about it. If for some reason you will not get the notice, please check the festival's website for information in news section.

Thank you again, regards: BuSho Team


For the first time there were 3 platform available to send entries (withoutabox, reelport, bushonline). We predicted a huge number of registration, but the final result was astonishing: 1844 registrations, two third of it (1251) are fiction, the rest one third contains of 271 animation and 324 experimental shorts. The most entries came from the USA which isn't surprising since WAB joined us, followed by the UK and nevertheless Germany on third being in the top registrating for years now. Surprisingly lot of entries were sent from Canada and Australia, while India and Poland passed the host nation Hungary by the skin of a teeth, who with this many entries just made it to the "starting eleven". We all wish the pre-jury strength and endurance for their task, the line up of the competition will be announced in middle of June!

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