COOL TOUR / JUGENDKULTURARBEIT: After the preparation meeting held in the fall of 2017 in Karlovac and spiced up by flood and fire alarm, the hardest winter-week of this year greeted us where we had to head for the Northern part of Germany instead of the Bahamas, our destination was Oldenburg, a city with 170 thousand inhabitants; we resided in the Cultural Youth Worker Centre.  At last, the implementation phase of the Finding Humanity human rights documentary projects has come, and although we had to let Szimi go for work-related (Arbeit) reasons, Adél joined in the team constituted of Charlotte, Olivér, and Zétény, and she performed her tasks rather splendid, according to her feedback she did not regret coming with us, either: “This week served as a blue print: how it is possible for a group to create and think as one. We gave and took to and from each other thereby creating a community. The group leaders/teachers have shown us how to form a positive, open and brave attitude towards work and so we indeed “found humanity”. I believe we should get together ASAP, talk over and delegate tasks...” According to this shooting begun in the last days of March, which will continue in April, and should everything run smoothly, it can be wrapped up before Labour Day, so that the premiere may be held in Trbovlje in Slovenia, and at the 14th BuSho Festival in Hungary.


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