The BuSho world road show was carrying on last month with presentations in a few places, but more intensively than ever. On 26-February The Balassi Institute of Ljubljana held a Hungarian film night, where the first part of the BuSho selection was showcased. The shorts and the festival was introduced by Matevz Jerman critic, and after that an informal discussion was opened for the public. We again recieved invitation from Mecal of Barcelona, where Ferenc Gorogh our translator was representing us. He managed to make new and valuable contacts with filmmakers during a ono-to-one breakfast. We got interests from Argentina, USA, Germany and of course Catalonia. The filmmakers got 2 minutes with each festival representatives of their choice to promote themselves. Just like on a rapid dating. We’ll see where will it go…Then there were two presentations overseas, one in New York at NYU Tisch and a few days later at the Bloomington University Film Club.


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