The 14th BuSho preparation and entry phase has ended, and in sporty language all went as expected. We again neared the thousands entries which is a perfect field to put on a quality competition of. At least the experts and the public say so, and that is what we want. Most of the 957 entries came via Filmfreeway, exactly 568. Half of it through BuSho's own portal the other one through Reelport. The category breakdown is also as usual, although many films were labelled short or feature, which isn't exactly explaining what gender the piece is. Again the fiction films make the most of the entries and we received 130 animation and 90 experimental ones. And some of these experimentals usually turn out to be animation as well. There is no change in the nations ranking, despite the increasing numbers of cooproductions, it is still the Germans on top with 110 shorts, Spanish with a bit more then 100 and France, USA and Hungary sharing the runner up position with 75 shorts. There are some unique, exotic places we received entries from, such as Cambodia, Congo, Dominica, Azerbaijan and Macao. Nevertheless there are still many shorts coming from the mysterious place of "not specified". So it's now the pre-jury's turn, countdown is on and the competition program will be announced in June. Please follow the news on our website because the different mailing systems and spamfilters do not take the risk. Fingers crossed!

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