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17. BuSho Film Festival

In the next edition we would like to make a short memorial of the great Jiří Menzel, in combination with 2021 we celebrate the 100th birthday of Miklós Jancsó, so we choose Juraj Jakubisko and Krzysztof Kieślowski for Slovakian and Polish participates in this retrospective. We would like to show their early shorts, nearby the guest speakers from the 4 countries a film aesthetic will help to understand the small details after the screening. For the promotion we will hold this round table event where even the invited talents, the jury members, professionals, representatives of various media providers will be able to discuss the past, the present and the future of short films.

Because our main goal is still to develop, present the cultural identity of the Central Eastern European audiovisual sector, to give a ground to young filmmakers that they can introduce, create and together we can make a new Visegrad Value. The retrospective of the excellent film directors is also a kind of innovation, because it did not exist yet, and the educational part of this program can be significant. The Foundation's film literacy program continues in film seminars and workshops, which we will publish for the first time on BuSho in Hungary. 2020 marked the 15. GomBusho Creative ArtCamp, which was developed in previous years to prepare the design elements, posters, spots and other brand factors for BuSho. The uniqueness of the 17th will be the events providing summary of a festival type which has a genre of its own. „4 seasons in 4 days" The IVF special section invites V4 partner festivals to collect and share with the best national short films for the V4 selection. In this small festival network we have 4 great presenters from Brno to Gdansk and Bratislava to Budapest. After the previous years’ success, with every year we are focusing more and more on cooperation with the Visegrad countries, screening the best shorts from every country in every country and handing over the „Best Visegrad short film" prize.

The fundamental aim of the Gombolyag Foundation is to help developing the knowledge, skills and competencies of young people (children and adolescents) through educational and sensible activities offered in a playful manner and informal setting by getting them to enjoy creative activities. We believe that anyone who is capable of creating art, or at least accepting cultural products, will become more open and tolerant towards accepting otherness. With the BuSho Festival we fulfill these originally planned goals.



Partner No. 1.


UL. MOKOTOWSKA 3/10, WARSZAWA, 00-640, Poland

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4 živlyPartner No. 2.


NOVACKÉHO 2,, BRATISLAVA, 84104, Slovakia

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Partner No. 3.


RADNICKÁ 365/2, , BRNO, 602 00, Czech Republic

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