On the occasion of BuSho International Shortfilm Festival's 15th anniversary, we came up with the idea of astonishing high school students with shorts that are precious for us, and may as well be to them over time. So we set up a best-of screening material that can be devided into 2 parts. The first one includes only no-dialogue films, and the second contains just 3 opuses. This can be watched and discussed separately or all together, as it is only 104 minutes long. The prologue of this material is basically some self introduction of the Festival, because we did not only held the main event of BuSho over the past one and a half decade, but also organized all-art workshops as well as spot&poster and one-minute shorts competitions. A few Hungarian Academy award nominees were put into it, for instance M. Tóth Géza's animation, Maestro from 2006, or Tóth Barnabás' Chuchotage from 2018. Kis Hajni's masterpiece, the Last Call and last but not least Deák Kristóf, who marks the Oscar-winning short Sing, and his new piece The best game. We provide a 15 years of Festival catalogues pack with the screening material, in order to show them, what a shortfilm festival is. The countryside venues of BuSho increased, beside Sopron, Szeged and Debrecen we welcome Pécs and some highschools of Budapest as well on board, such as AKG or Lónyay.

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