The Hungarian Institute Of Ljubljana is sadly temporarily closed when we arrive there in the middle of February, so we are going to held our Best of BuSho screening, with the added short films of the two other countries that are participating at the workshop, in the nearby town of Trbovlje, where we are going to reside as well. Of course the screening at the Institute will happen, If everything goes according to plan, in June, and a Busho screening is under preparation for september at the Hungarian Film Days in Nova Goricia. The same week, february 19th, the Final Cat filmclub in Sopron celebrates its 6th year since joining BuSho. „At the anniversary we have selected a bouquet of short films from the competition program of the 15 years of the festival„ On the 25th of February there will 2 BuSho screenings on different locations abroad, and to our great pleasure they are returning locations, just like Sopron. We would like to thank Nelli Dimova in Sofia and to Tamás Viczián in Kiev for presenting the most recent hungarian short films for years now, and with bulgarian and ukranian subtitles, which means they have more job to do with it. And we will return to Kiev SFF on our way home from the Hungarian Film Days in Baku, but that’s a different story.

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