16th BUDAPEST SHORT FILM FESTIVAL, September 1-6, 2020
Puskin Cinema / Art+ Cinema / Italian Cultural Institute / Sopron-Búgócsiga
Fiction, animation and experimental short films from around the world
Student Jury, International Jury: 3 main prizes / 7 category prizes
2 NFI special prizes for the best Hungarian works!
Partner Festivals / Workshops / Concerts…
Details on the website: www.busho.hu
In the first week of September, the BuSho International Short Film Festival will be held for the 16th time, and despite the uncertain situation this year, there will be a lot of programs. The venues have been slightly reorganized, as the central venue for the competitions will continue to be the Puskin Cinema and the evening screenings will be Art+ Cinema, but this time the opening ceremony and the prize ceremony will be held at the Italian Cultural Institute. The same venue will host an Italian evening and a Portuguese and Scottish film screenings during the week. After the opening on Tuesday evening the festival will continue to present the competition program in the well-established schedule 15 one-hour blocks within 3 days. Of course there will be Hungarian and international panorama screening program as well, other festival and workshop presentations and concerts, prior to the award ceremony on Saturday evening.
This spring, a renewed five-member pre-jury watched the approximately one thousand short films entered, of which 66 short films from 23 countries, 45 fiction, 16 animation and 5 experimental works were finally selected into the competition. The opinion of the selection team consisting of Annaida Orosz, Ágnes Böjte, Levente Galambos, László Rimóczi, Éva Török is summed up in the words of one of this year's newcomers, Évi: „Let’s face it, a sane person doesn’t necessarily watch more than 100 hours of short films in a few weeks, but this opportunity to see what’s going on in the world of short films and I even had to form a definite opinion about each film was not just the most useful quarantine program, which could be invented for me, but it also provided an unparalleled lasting experience.”
Among the Hungarian works competing at home in the international field, we can find more returning competitors, like Simon Szabó, Rozália Szeleczki or Anna Gyimesi, but even among the foreigners are a few artists who have visited us before, Florian Grolig or Josef Brandl, who have indicated their intention to participate. Once again, there will be a Hungarian panorama day, on which all entered Hungarian works will be screened with free entry to the Amarcord hall of the Puskin Cinema from 10 am on the Saturday before the award ceremony.
So there will be again an international cavalcade in early September in Budapest and next week in the Sopron Búgócsiga. Everyone make your note by September 1, when the BuSho International Short Film Festival –recently awarded by the European Festival Association– opens its doors for the 16th time! Detailed program and more information in the days before the festival, until then a nice summer.
competition films: https://busho.hu/en/program/competition-program/busho-competition-program-2020-1
panorama films: https://busho.hu/en/program/panorama-program/busho-panorama-program-2020-1
side screenings: https://busho.hu/en/program/informational-program/busho-international-program-2020-1
full program: https://busho.hu/en/program/full-program/full-program

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