After receiving the screening copies, we compiled the detailed projection program for each block, during which minor modifications were made. Instead of the usual 15 one-hour blocks, the screenings will be a bit longer, but only in 12 blocks, so we will be able to take a longer break in the middle of the day, which is needed especially for the jury members. Based on the detailed program, everyone can plan their trip if they want to participate in person at the festival, which can be applied for by filling out the accreditation form. Hungarian artists who have entered the competition do not need to be accredited, we will contact them separately. In view of the Covid confusion that has been going on since last year, we will share the English-language article here with all foreign artists and jury members, where they can find out about the news related to entering Hungary. Regardless, we recommend that everyone inquire about the current details at the Budapest Consulates. If necessary, of course we can send you an invitation letter or a certificate, that you are coming to Hungary to represent your competition film. Application deadline is August 1. Have a great summer!

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