The BuSho’s website has gone through a major improvement and been re-interpreted according to the requirement of present times. The words of our webmaster: ’Those who uses internet explorer 6 probably does not read the site, although it is quite common worldwide to use internet on phone or tablets. Because when you open the site in IE6 it asks you to install Chrome Frame plug-in and then it’d work fine, so basically the site isn’t optimized for, neither against anything. We refreshed our mailing list and newsletter system so if you do not want to receive newsletter anymore please click on unsubscribe so that we can delete you from the database. The online registration has been renewed too so the registration is now open for BuSho International Shortfilm Festival 2012!

From this year we can only accept shorts that is registered through our online system except if a studio, school or workshop enters 5 or more shorts, they can send them in on DVD form. Despite the crisis we’d like to carry on with projects we started up over the years: 8th BuSho, 6th GomBuSho workshop, 4th LifeAd one-minute short competition and wish to have a second spot competition with poster topic too!

The annual closing party will be held at Vörösmarty cinema on 22-December-2011 starting at 6pm with plenty of interesting screenings of 2011. Unfortunately the venue of next year is still questioned since the future of this cinema hosted us for 4 years is unsecure, that’s the reason we hold this party here with a colorful program. A little bit of everything: winners, losers, workshops, EFA nominees, LifeAds, Danube mosaic, Hungarians, foreigners, animations, experiments, surprises then a Finale...

Kövesse oldalunkat a Facebookon is!