After administring the astonishingly huge amount of entries of shorts (1844) that we received by the end of April, the 2012 pre-jury had finished their job that took them 2 months. The members were: Asia Dér, Annaida Orosz, István Mag, László Rimóczi and Tamás Patrovits.

Selecting from this film material with over 400 hours of length in total was a great challenge to them. An even greater dilemma was to set up the final competition program as this amount of shorts would allow them to make actually two programs. This means that the so called information/panorama program will include many outstanding pieces due to time limitation. Please welcome the 86 competing shorts of 2012 so far. The other program's screening schedule will also be announced shortly so as the usual thematic section's, festival introductions' and selections' schedule too. Our co-ordinators will make contact with the filmmakers of whom shorts made it to the competition for screening copies and accreditation purposes. Have a nice holiday everyone!

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