After we ended the 14th BuSho Festival itself, we sent out the unreceived awards by post, started the making of our reference booklet, the final report as well as the accounting, which will probably last until the next Festival as usual. In the meanwhile though, we also started preparing for the presentations abroad as follows.
Earlier Hungarian shorts got Portuguese subtitles for the Beast (meet the east) Festival in Portugal, which were shown on an event supported by the Visegrad Fund. Our pre-jury member, Zoltán vozo Végh held a 2-day workshop to make our presence complete.
The Middle-Europe V4 Film Parade by Hungarian Institute of Prague was held for the 21st time between 11-14 of October. In the frame of this were some Hungarian, Czech, Polish and Slovakian feature, documentary and student shorts on screen. Two shorts that competed in 14th BuSho were among these films, such as The Best Game by Kristóf Deák, and Wonderpussy of Rozalia Szeleczki.
In mid October our festival director paid a visit to Kisakes Festival in Turkey, where he was part of the international jury board. Paralell to this, we also participated on a Festival’s Jamboree, where BuSho presentations were held out of competition and we received the Turkish subtitles to these showcased shorts.
The Best of 14th BuSho’s Hungarian selection were shown in Baku’s Landmark Hotel as part of the Hungarian Cultural Days. We made a visit as usual to Hungarian Cartoon Muster with a selection of our animations, as well as we took part of our partner Casa di Juventude Amarante’s Shorts Around the World film club.
Hungarian Film Days in Delhi, India: 29-31 October – Nearby the 1 day long BuSho presentation, Dr Péter Muszatics and Dr Györgyi Vajdovich will take care of the Hungarian films to be showcased on this Festival along with presentations, and Balázs Simonyi’s Ultra will be the closing program of the week.
A year and a half after our presentation on Cifra of Moscow, we received yet another invitation by the Hungarian Institute: an organizer of a short film festival in Komi land, North of Russia wanted some Hungarian films to be presented on his 2nd Finnish Ugrian Festival. So happened that between 31-October and 2-November, Szabó úr, En Passant and Indian films will be on screen in the remote city of Szyktyvkar. Even Russian social media mentioned it.
Our last year jury member Yusuf, invited this year Linda Dombrovszky’s Cubeman to the 19th Izmir Kisa Film Festival, she speaks about it: „I was very, very happy about the invitation, as I know the Festival. Yusuf already approached me if I can be there, but I will be shooting my first ever TV show in those days… but my editor Levente Pap can make it, and they are happy to see him too. I assumed that you guys at BuSho made it happen, so thanks very much for this…
There are several other adventures ahead us and the BuSho team before December, when the registration for the 15th Festival opens, we will keep you posted, have fun!

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