Out of nearly a thousand works submitted to the 17th BuSho Festival, this year's pre-jury selected 71 short films for the usual 15-hour competition program, including 4 experimental, 16 animation and 51 fiction films. As previously reported, an epidemic situation here or where, for the first time in the history of the festival, Hungarian short filmmakers paddling in Hungarian waters submitted most of these works, specifically 93 works. On the one hand, this is very gratifying, but on the other hand, it caused a serious headache for the pre-jury, which this time swelled to 6 members, and the Hungarian panorama program will promise a lot, but for now, let's see the opinions of the selectors.



Annaida Orosz, who has been working with us with pleasure for many years and of course with animations, as she does this in her busy everyday life: "A lot of this year's animations deal with the frustrations of our everyday lives, which are seen with absurd humor, grotesque surrealism and gloomy melancholy."



László Rimóczi is the oldest pre-filter in the team, he has seen many shorts in more than a decade: “This year we are not interested in the viewer being bored, so I selected again in the light of this. I watched the works with a lot of hardened experience and rubbed eyes, and I think it’s still a good film where it’s not the script that stands out, but rather the essence of shaping, the charm of the story, when spontaneous creativity takes control over the letters, and the overall picture its dynamism makes the work eternal. There will be strife, lies, escape, ghosts and love, UFOs and muffins, excitement and kefir this year.”



Máté Holdosi, became a selector from a former Student Jury member: "It was exciting to watch so many films, I'm already cheering on some of my favorites."



Tímea Tánczos also joined the team from the Student Jury at our call last year: “The films submitted are very wide-ranging, both technically and in terms of their subject matter. What was absolutely out of the box is that most films are built around current topics that concern the making nation, which I think is very important now that the virus dominates everything and other problems are dwarfed. I think we managed to select really important and good material for this year's competition. ”



Levente Galambos, a youth cameraman candidate, has been with us for 2 years now: "It was emotionally exhausting to look at the part of this year's inter-fiction category that falls on me, and I say this in an absolutely positive sense.”



Ágnes Böjte is also with us for the second year in a row, but for decades with Hungarian short films on TV, radio and university film clubs: “The human race is a dragon's tooth crop: There is no hope! there is no hope!” „No connection fulfilled, no connection. There is no one to stand up for our principles, we have no principles. Perhaps the only hope is that these films could have been made, and while we watch them, we don’t feel so alone.”



In the light of the antecedents, it is not surprising that Hungarians delegate most of the competition films, followed by the usual Spanish, British, German and French works, but of course all Visegrád countries are represented or Argentinian, Australian or Belarusian short films, which are rarely seen in Hungary. So now we expect everyone to send the projection copies according to the parameters below and we will apply soon with the breakdown by block and the detailed projection program!

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