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BuSho Archivum 2011

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This is the end of the 7th BuSho International Short Film Festival. Out of 962 entries, this year’s pre-jury selected 93 movies in the competition program which were watched by the National Student Jury and the international jury together with the audience. The members of the international jury were: Djinn Carrénard, young filmmaker from France, Riina Mikkonen, organiser of the Tampere Film Festival, Miomir Rajcevic, director of the Belgrade Media Centre, Kocsis Ágnes director and Wolfgang Leis marketing expert. Besides the beautiful statues created by Solide Art Ltd. this time again awards were offered by Hungarian Filmunio, Kodak, the National Digital Data Archive, the Soltész Advertising Agency and Extreme Digital.

Firstly, the members of the National Student Jury (Tóháti Zsuzsa, Vargha Márk Péter, Nemes-Jeles Veronika) went on stage and explained their decision. The organisers, having thanked for the students’ work, went on to the international jury awards which were handed over in the name of the jury by Wolfgang Leis to the filmmakers present at the ceremony. To everyone’s great pleasure, the awarded arrived in a row to take over the prizes. Before the announcement of the main awards of the 7th BuSho, Miomir Rajcevic, member of the international jury resumed the jury’s evaluation. He told the audience that they had seen a high quality programme at a well organised festival, however he emphasised that one thing had been missing: unfortunately, the participation of the Hungarian filmmakers in competition was again very low. After the awarding ceremony, all the prize-winning movies were screened, while the organisers and the jury members gave interviews. Kocsis Ágnes said the following:

"In the past 10 years, the technical standard of short films has rocketed. Apparently more and more filmmakers make shorts. However, it also means that more and more young directors are involved in the genre, and so the stories are less thought over. Of course, there were outstanding, almost perfect movies as well in the programme. The freedom of an artist does not necessarily mean the freedom of thought, because what he invents has to be realised as well. And for this, money is inevitable!"

Thanks to all the co-operators and the Motion Picture Art Department of the Ministry of National Resources for its support.

See you in 2012 at the 8th BuSho festival! List of the winners here.

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