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The main prize of the 14th BuSho International Short Film Festival was awarded to “Across the line” by the Israeli director Nadav Shlomo Giladi, the Silver BuSho went to Hajni Kis for her short “Last Call”, and the Bronze BuSho Award will make its owners proud in Belgium for the film “May Day” by Olivier Magis and Fedrik de Beul. The Award Ceremony of BuSho was held in Puskin Cinema on the 1st of September. Of the total about one thousand submissions 64 short films were screened in the competition program in Puskin Cinema, where the audience could watch the works together with the International Jury and the Student Jury, and subsequently at the repeated screenings in the evening in Art+ Cinema.

We were delighted to have the members of the Student Jury with us, the members of which were delegated by teachers and colleagues working in 4 well-known higher education institutions.

Máté HOLDOSI (Metropolitan),



Orsolya RICHOLM (University of Theatre and Film Arts).

They were the first ones to share their decisions with the audience:

The Special Mention was given to

Forever Now by Kristian Haskjold, Denmark

The Best Animation was given to Take Me Please by Olivér Hegyi, Hungary

The Best Fiction was given to: Last Call by Kis Hajni, Hungary

The show went forth with the presentation of the prizes decided over by the international jury members:

Rita Capucho, film expert from Portugal,

Arya Su Altioklar, director from Turkey,

Matteo Pianezzi, actor and director from Sardinia

Isti Madarász, script writer, director

And the coordinator of the jury: Wolfgang Leis.

First those winners were announced who could not take part at the Award Ceremony in person.

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY 2018 was given to: Exhale by Magali Magistry, France

The BEST ACTOR in 2018 was Jack O'Connell, for his performance in

“Home” directed by Daniel Mulloy, UK/Kosovo

The BEST ACTRESS in 2018 was Unnur Ösp Stefánsdóttir, for her performance in

“Salvation”, directed by: Thora Hilmarsdottir, Iceland

After this the awardees present were asked to accept their prizes.

The best Experimental 2018 Prize was given to:

About Cinema by Denis Prima, Russia

The Best Animation 2018 Prize was given to:

Oh Mother by Paulina Ziolkowska, Poland

The prize was accepted by Przemek Mlynczyk, the director of the Polish Festival “Euroshorts”; after his expression of gratitude he also presented a prize that was decided upon at their ceremony held in Gdansk – to none other than Ambrus Fatér, the director of the Hungarian short “Collapsed Lung”.


Bloody fairy tales by Tereza Kovandova, Czech Republic.

David Havas, the associate of the National Film Archive seated in Prague accepted the prize.

The SPECIAL MENTION 2018 FOR BEST TITLE was awarded to

Wonderpussy by Rozália Szeleczki, Hungary.


Wrong Shape by Egor Chichkanov, Russia

BuSho BEST COMEDY 2018 was earned by:

How it feels to be hungover directed by Viktor Hertz, Sweden

Similarly to the previous years, the prize of the Media Council and Authority of the National Media and Telecommunication –that is a 500 thousand forints award– was given for the best Hungarian animation and fiction work. Mr. Ferenc Varsányi, the expert of the Media Council of Hungary handed over the prizes:

The Best Hungarian Animation in 2018 was: Take me Please by Olivér Hegyi,

The best Hungarian short fiction film at the 14th BuSho Festival was:

A Siege by István Kovács.

Yet another special award was presented: the offer of Sziget LLC: a weekly pass for Sziget Festival 2019 for a 3-members strong mini crew with permission to shoot!

The SZIGET SPECIAL PRIZE 2018 could by enjoyed for his short

"Chuchotage" by Barnabás Tóth, Hungary

The Special Prize of Búgócsiga Club – the venue in Sopron – (a 3-day excursion for 2 persons to Sopron, combined with a film screening and audience meeting) was handed over by Miklós Csóka, a local organizer.

THE SPECIAL PRIZE OF SOPRON 2018 was handed to

Linda Dombrovszky, for her short Cubeman, a production of Hungary.

Next was the Special Prize of the International Visegrád Fund – this prize is awarded to a short film produced in any of the 4 countries constituting the Visegrád Four alliance – presented by the recently inaugurated Hungarian director of the Fund, Andor Dávid:

VISEGRAD SPECIAL PRIZE 2018 was received by

Kristóf Deák, Hungary for "Best game ever".

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the main prizes: the members of the International Jury were called to the stage to give their brief summaries on the award winners. Isti Madarász, the Hungarian member of the International Jury noted in his introduction that the decision on the prizes was not an easy task, however, regarding to the three main prizes, the jury members were on the same wavelength.

“It’s creative criticism of the system based on diverse human behaviour. Uniquely real characters and human situations filmed in a refreshing way.”

BRONZE BUSHO prize 2018: May Day by Olivier Magis and Fedrik de Beul, Belgium

“It made us feel for the main character in a very special way and let us to get to know her in a deep and loving way.”

SILVER BUSHO prize 2018: Last Call by Kis Hajni, Hungary

“It puts light, hope, humanity and humour in an extremely chaotic situation. We believe that films like this can actually help to solve the problem.”

THE GOLD BUSHO in 2018 goes to… Across the Line by Nadav Shlomo Giladi, Israel

Finally, thanks were addressed to the sponsors for making it possible to organize the event for the 14th time: the main sponsors of the Festival were International Visegrad Fund, the Hungarian National Film Fund, the Hungarian Academy of Arts, the National Cultural Fund, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the National Cooperation Fund, Pensum, Biogroup Hungary, the Austrian Culture Forum, the Italian Cultural Institute, the Camões Institute and the Embassy of Israel. Our cooperative partner, the Budapest Festival and Tourism Center offered Budapest welcome packages. The Award Sponsors contributed to the Prizes created by Solide Art – namely National Media and Infocommunications Authority, Sziget LLC and Búgócsiga from Sopron. The Media partners are as usual Filmvilág,, Filmtekercs, Fotovideo Magazines and Radio Klub.

After the ceremony, the participants, organizers and awardees were invited to the stage for a group picture. Subsequently the audience could watch some of the awarded shorts. Let’s meet at the 15th anniversary BuSho International Short Film Festival in 2019!

Budapest, the 2nd of September 2018

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