2009. Dec. 2. 18:00


The Vocational Syndicate of the Hungarian Festival Association has awarded BuSho with the Certification of Art Festival which was recieved on the 2nd of December by Csaba Bollók and Tamás Gábeli at Conference of the Hungarian Festival Registration and Vocational Qualifying Program. On this occasion the VS has awarded a total of 70 different festivals in 3 categories countrywide such as 25 art, 25 folklore and 20 gastronomy event. Thank you.

2009. Nov. 25. 18:02


The Brno16 festival did not let us down again as just like them visiting us years after years so do we, with it’s well known venues and high standard programs the Czechs have put on a great show once again. The A.RE.S. festival in Siracusa, Italy has shown some imperfection, but the astonishing venue Ortigia (the shooting of Malena by Tornatore was taking place here) made us to see over the insignificant bloopers, although we could not manage to bring home some award. But overall the muster of Cornwall has outshone everything. It was a well organized international competition where we were a member of the jury of the local competition and also succesfully represented this year’s BuSho award winning works. One of our team members Ferenc Görögh translator who took part of it said: „The festival is a very well organized event taking place at a stunning landscape, and with the technical facilities and support they ought to go on a wider intrnational field to extend their popularity and draw more attention to what they do”. And at last but not least Zoltán Gergely (member of the BuSho pre-jury) was at the festival in Cracow, Poland who also returned with valuable experience.  

2009. Nov. 11. 18:04


During the making of the reference booklet of the 5.BuSho, just like in the previous years, we asked our guests to share any pictures, photos were taken at the festival. It was Lika Banshoya the female member of the lovely french couple who reacted first of the many and created an album on Facebook. As soon as I saw the photos I forwarded the link to the management of the Vörösmarty cinema who were also astonished: „...we have recieved the photos with many thanks. We just love this lady even unkowingly, we didn’t realize that we run such an interesting cinemaJ” Beside this I would love to express my thankfulness to another lady for her jury report, because Ildikó Enyedi highlighted the essence of the festival with such a precise description that from now we shall use a quote from that as our slogan when applying for sponsoring tenders and hope that we could make experts believe that this festival has got some ground for existence.   

2009. Oct. 12. 18:05


After the 5th Busho festival we recieved more invitations to partner festivals, film clubs, and workshops than ever. Taking these into consideration with our existing partners, the list of the promotion spots of the Busho festival is getting finalized for autumn. For instance festivals in Tinkla, Lithuania and Drama, Greece have ran it’s course then we will get back to the newly known yet beloved Banska Stiavnica, Slovakia. In middle of October for the 5th time we will promote Busho on the jubilee 50th Brno 16 festival. After that comes a festival in Sicily, Italy that was held in 3 different venue over the last 3 years to which Busho delegates a member of the jury for the second time. Finally we introduce ourselves to MAFF in Oradea, Romania who's team participated in the summer workshop of ours GomBuSho and to the perfidous albion in Cornwall. Furthermore there are negotiations on the go with other organizations but these are not due untill 2010.

2009. Oct. 12. 13:07


We reported earlier of a brand new art festival called ARES has been launched in the historical city of Siracusa, Sicily, Italy. It is held between 22-26 of October. After Busho's debut at Magma Festival in 2007 and it's success in Marzamem (where we won a Márton Szirmai special prize for Tripe and Onions) we are visiting the mediterranean island to astonish the adept Italian spectators. Owing to the invitations we sent out in the summer there were plenty of works been screened on Busho and it seems that one of the Godfathers made good friend with Mr. Szirmai because he managed to get into the competition yet again with his animation entitled Couple of Number.

2009. Oct. 12. 06:06


The MAFF (Metrion Animation Film Festival) calls for entries of their short ‘post-it draw-animation’ competition inviting students and young animators, in the topic of ‘The kidnap of Europe’. This is in the same time the title of the festival and the competition as well. The competing pieces will be shown to the public at MAFF. A professional jury will review the best works. To enter the registration form has to be sent along with the work in accordance to the terms and conditions of the competition. Deadline for entries is 22-October-2009 REGULATIONS

2009. Sep. 7. 20:34


The 5th BUSHO International Short Film Festival awards were announced on 5th September at19:00. During the full-house screenings from Wednesday to Friday, the 5-member International Jury watched 94 entries in the competition section. The Hungarian member, Ildikó Enyedi film director, explained the jury’s decision as follows: „The film explores the almost unaproachable depth of a child’s soul in a disciplined, strict and highly sensitive film language.” The Golden BUSHO prize, which apart from the statue and the award package also included EUR 1000 offered by the Hungarian Ministry of Education and Culture, went to the Australian Rene Hernandez with his film The Ground Beneath. The Silver BUSHO Award was won by Clement Michel’s film, Baby. In this picture we can follow the difficulties of an ordinary man throughout 17 minutes who slowly realises that fatherhood has opened up new dimensions in his life. And finally, a Hungarian winner for the Bronze BUSHO: Zoltán Gayer and Péter Molnár with The Caroussel Rite, an earlier awarded short of the Hungarian Film Week. Further Awards here!

2009. Aug. 27. 20:36


After last year’s success the main base of the event is going to be Vörösmarty cinema, where the opening ceremony - hosted by Csaba Bollók who missed last year’s due to a trip abroad, will take place on the 1st of September, the screenings will be running in two different rooms there for 4 days, whereas finally on the 5th of September the international jury will annonce the winners. The competitors will be awarded with 3 main prizes and 7 category prizes and in addition the winner of the main prize the Golden BuSho comes with a €1.000.- cash award at the first time.
The evening and night programs of course continue at DocuArt Kocsiszín where beside the jury’s public consultation, some partner festival’s award winning works will be shown along with selection of Filming Workshops and video-library as well as those Hungarian works that did not make it into the competition. The countrywide screenings that started last year will be extended this year, beside the existing spots such as Szeged, Szolnok and Szombathely, there will be paralell screenings abroad at the first time in BuSho's history at the Kultúra Cinemain Magyarkanizsa, Serbia the venue just joined the BuSho board. One of the exhibitions of BuSho the '5 brave men of FAMU' will be displayed at Cseh Centrum (Czech Centre) which represents the works of the new generation of Czech animation graduated from the famous University of Prague.Just like in the previous years we invited the makers of the films that taking part in the competition so as to represent their work at the festival in person. Obviously the side programs that became an integral part and helped to set up a unique image of the festival for visitors from abroad (like sightseeing on an old-timer coach, visit to the House of the Parliament, bathing at Lukács spa) won’t be left out of the program. Come along and sniff up a bit of culture: Compulsory Short Program.

2009. Jun. 19. 20:38


After fulfilling their month and a half long assignment - the pre-jury of the 5th BuSho has completed their task. Likewise to last year's program they selected 94 movies in total for entering the competition. In category breakdown it means 61 fiction, 20 animation and 13 experimental work. We would like to give the opportunity to the all the movies to be shown that did not make it to the competition due to it's 15 hours time limitation, so these films will be screened in an informational section. However with the Hungarian works we return to our basic and main conception that all Hungarian filmsthat entered will be shown to provide their makers with an opportunity to show themselves for an international audience. Enjoy the browsing! FILMMAKERS ATTENTION!
May we draw the attention of the makers of the movies that have been selected to participate in the competition that in case they have not sent us a miniDV copy and/or English subtitled version of their work upon entering - they can do so untill 30th of June the latest. Alternatively, if they will appear in the festival in persAttentionon then once filled out the accreditation sheet  please contact Orsi Benkő on

2009. Jun. 15. 20:40


The A.R.E.S. Short Film Festival and the “Ideas for an Art Sociology” social videomaking Workshop will take place in September 2009, in Siracuse, Sicily, Italy. The Festival’s main purpose is the promotion of social cohesion by means of culture, by creating an open support network able to provide incentives, sustain and connect expression and positive experiences that in the cultural and social field can spread values as pluralism and collective welfare. Registration is free and open to a maximum length of 20 minutes, projects will only be accepted in DVD format and films must be subtitled in english. Deadline: 31. July 2009 (attested by postal stamp) CONTEST REGULATION ENTRY FORM WORKSHOP ENTRY FORM  

2009. May. 8. 20:42


In 2009 the BuSho team recieved 527 entries from 53 different countries by the deadline of the entries in May (in the categories it means 279 fictions, 115 animations and 133 experimental shorts). Although it is not as many as we recieved last year - which was breaking records of all time - the pre-jury still will be challanged when selecting. Top 3 places on the imaginary podium are taken by Spain - perhaps encouraged by last years' winner - delegating 45 works, Germany with 52 pieces and on top with the advantage of the home field is Hungary with 69. The decision of the pre-jury is coming around middle of june.

2009. Apr. 15. 20:44


Néhány nappal meghosszabbítottuk a nevezési határidőt, mert a tavaszi szünet és az ünnepek miatt sokan csak most szembesültek vele, hogy rohadazinő: KÖTELEZŐ RÖVID GYAKORLAT 5. BuSho Nemzetközi Rövidfilm Fesztivál várja a nevezéseket kisjáték-, animáció- és kísérleti film kategóriában. Beadási határidő: 2009. április 20. Határidő későknek: 2009. május 1.

2009. Apr. 10. 20:47


Győr, 25 April - 2 May 2009 The festival is considered as a Central and Eastern European transit-festival, since by the festival centre (Győr, Hungary) there are going to happen simultaneously cultural and artistic events in 20 different venues of 4 different countries in the region (beside Hungary in Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic). More…

2009. Mar. 10. 20:49


This year we're organising our 5th KinoDynamique (internationally known as "KinoKabaret") 5th  - 13th of May 2009 in Vienna, Austriaand inviting Austrian and international filmmakers to produce and screen short films within 3 x 60 hours. Calling all fiilmmakers, actors, musicians, sound engineers and everybody else involved and interested in filmmaking: send us your application form and be a part of it! The deadline for applying is the 14th of April. Anmeldeformular (Deutsch) / Registration Form (English)
2009. Mar. 5. 20:58


Judges have selected 30 one-minutes in Advertising Life Competition on the theme: Is Our Society Open? and the final order was decided on with regard to idea, its transformation in film language and the degree of the given theme expression. Selection was made on 28th February 2009, the two First places (Borkur Sightorsson Support AND Miroslav Remo Ecce Homo) were granted an amount 50,000.-SKK (1.659,70 EURO). The AZYL team thanks all the participants.

2009. Mar. 3. 21:04


Few months ago, in Republic of Macedonia, a new Festival of short minimalist films by the name of Kota 2023 was born. The festival is comprised of several categories encompassing all but commercial ads. All material must arrive the latest of 15.04.2009, in a DVD (PAL) format. The Festival's web site:

2009. Mar. 1. 21:05


The International Scientific Film Festival in Szolnok (5-8. November 2009) provides forum for such distinct films which can somehow, in some way be connected to science: are about some scientific result or work, or in their action, language and presentation give place to science. Entry deadline: 18 April 2009. Details…

2009. Feb. 22. 21:13


Since the deadline for entries is 21-February the jury will not have plenty of time on their hand to nominate the winners, as the official awarding ceremony of AYZL-BUSHO is held on 2-March at 6.00pm at Astorka Theatre of Bratislava. In the meanwhile, a Dialektus Festival joined the dialogue thus as a result the Dialektus student section will be screened in Bratislava at a4 centrum súčasnej kultúry - zero space, after which a public voting will be held. The Dialektus Festival which starts on the following day will be hosting the életREklám (hungarian play of the words appx. means advertLIFEment) call’s premiere and assessment in Budapest on 7-March at 5.00pm at the headquarter of the festival – the DocuArt Shed. For more details click here…

2009. Feb. 15. 21:15


Our regulars expected it a long ago... Here it comes then. The BuSho cineclub is particularly to put pieces on screen that have been shown only in the information block, therefore a very few of you had the chance to see them.   Each year some pieces miss to make it to the competition program by the skin of their teeth, moreover due to the huge amount of entries over the past two years – the field of the information block is getting stronger.  Apart from screening the awarded pieces and the categorycal selections, we are also planning to do a country specific section of the one counting the most entries. We believe that there is a lot to squeeze into the occasional 4 hour show. According to our plan, after each of these shows the pieces will be evaluated by  some experts that are the former members of the pre-jury and members of the international jury.  

2009. Feb. 10. 21:52


The invitation for applications has closed down for the shortfilm festival that was set up by the AXN television channel. It is now time for the public to form their opinion about the works. In case you want to find out about the finalist pieces, or to put yourself on the test whether your taste of films and vein of critic are similar to Ferenc Török and György Pálfi the two members of the jury, and nevertheless fancy to win an MP3 player – place your vote untill 26-February. More detals...
2009. Feb. 5. 21:55


After the event was held in Velence last year it returns to a tested but still to be discovered scene – the Kishavas pension of Csíkszépvíz. The movie-lover residents of the camp will be working under the guidance of renowned international filmmakers in 9 creation group, between 14-24 of July. Anyone can take part of the camp subject to be hungarian speaker as the work is in hungarian, and over 18 years old, entry deadline is 1st of April. Participation can be won through a tender, the subject of these tenders may vary group by group. More details...
2008. Dec. 17. 10:36


The new online entry system has been launched last year. Now we made the conclusions, know the advantages and the difficulties, and soon begin the new entry-platform. Naturally everybody will be informed with the help of a circular- probably combined at the some time with the holiday-greetings…

2008. Dec. 15. 10:38


The organizers of the Azyl Festival in Bratislava and of the BuSho in Budapest are fed up with the political debates, and they decided that they would try to prove (first of all on a cultural scene): Yes, there’s a normal Slovak-Hungarian relation-though this is not what we hear from the media… So the first step of the Azyl-BuSho cooperation is a call, of which point is that the applicants make 1 minutes short films related to the motto „reklama na zivot” – life-ad(d). The titles and topics are chosen within the syllabus Hungarian-Slovak relation.

2008. Dec. 1. 10:41


As we’ve got screenings at 30 spots in all of Europe, and the Silent Cinema project had great success, we found out that we would go around Hungary as well; within the frameworks of a roadshow. The construction of a Mystery Machine is on the way with which we start our Silent Cinema Road(Bu)Show!

2008. Sep. 10. 10:46


The prizes of the Festival were given over at noon, on 7.  Sept. at the Vörösmarty Cinema. The 5-member international jury has chosen the film entitled Traumatology, directed by Daniel Sanchez Arévalo. This year's ( as last year's) Silver Busho was given to a Hungarian work, e.g. Original Lager of Simonyi Balázs. The Bronz BuSho prize went to Stephan Stuckert for his film entitled Medium rare.
Detailed prize-list...

2008. Aug. 25. 10:48


This year’s detailed program is finally ready- after the long reconcilitions. You can glean it, compare it to the competition program, so You can plan your partecipation at BuSho. The TV spot is ready, too, hope You’ll like it, have a good time!






2008. Mar. 7. 11:50


The topic of the application is GLOBAL WARMING, which is a very important and hard problem nowadays. The photos of the winners of the competition organized by EISA and FotoVideo magazine are going to be exhibited at Photokina in Köln, and Europe’s Best Professional Camera of 2008-2009 is one of the prizes. The entries and the photos must be sent to the e-mail address : until 30. April 2008. Further details...




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