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To our greatest surprise, there was a serious oversubscription for our pre-selector position call for the 17th BuSho Festival, where we were looking for 1 person for one of the most important phases of the festival, the BuSho Pre-Jury, because most of the team stayed with us, which is great news. And since we have learned over the years how important the sex ratio is when, for example, the competition program has been called „too Macho”, but there are currently two male and two female selectors, we have simply articulated the task. The goal is on 2 remained online platforms (BuSho and Filmfreeway) you have to watch and record a lot of mainly international fiction short films during February - March - April, which must be presented to the viewers. Then we summarize the lists and...

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Epidemic situation here or where, in 2020 we have launched again the best Hungarian short film selection at the BuSho festival for a trip around the world. Over the years, we have managed to build a relatively complex system that consists of many components into one whole in the end. One of the most important bases for this was the support of the KMIF (Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Department of Hungarian Cultural Institutes Abroad) in the framework of which quite a few of the 26 Hungarian cultural institutes around the world support the work. We cannot list them all, but the most important of these are Helsinki, Istanbul, Ljubljana, Paris, Beijing, Stuttgart, Sofia, Tallinn and in addition cultural diplomats from Baku, Kiev, Shanghai, Sao Paulo or Tel Aviv. The Institutes only organize offline screenings and and broadcast them to local short film festivals. Among others, this is how we got for the third time to the Oscar nominee...

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I will continue to ad here to my previous statement, as I indicated in the title and most recently in the last post in 2020, because for us, the festival and the online terms are still incompatible, but of course we are preparing to build an online B track on which we will proceed if it’s needed. And why, despite so many domestic and international events, so persistently? Maybe because it proves from time to time again when we personally attend an event like this. We had the chance to judge at 2 international short film festivals recently, specifically on Brno16 and at the same time Koncz Teréz in Gdansk, unfortunately in both cases from home, and how can I say, I didn’t have the feeling. We didn't have to cry or laugh together...

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The FESTINET Short Film Festival Network was officially born in 2019, but among the partners there are several, who have been working on the international field for more than a decade! We want to show the world that small festivals without red carpet are able to operate at a high professional and artistic level. The purpose of the cooperation is to promote the introduction of the festivals at each other's events and to represent the community in a unified way anywhere else. The Partners can send a short film candidate from 8 different countries by...

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The entry season starts on 1st of December to the 17th BuSho International Short Film Festival, of course again with minor changes in the rules. So we are looking for fiction, animation and experimental works shorter than 30 minutes made after January 1, 2019 from all over the world, In addition to the updated own BuShonline interface, or exclusively through the filmfreeway page, for which we have listed the most important dates and deadlines on the website. The followings are requested with the entry form filled in:
UPLOAD your film for the pre-jury
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