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Festival Insight

It was an eventful period in festival's world, since our once-jury member Ildikó Enyedi tamed the Golden Bear in Berlin as well as Kristóf Deák won the Academy award for his short, Mindenki (Everyone). Our deepest honour goes to both teams in the making, and special greetings to Róbert Maly cinematographer of the latter movie. In the near future in March the Géczy-Hörcher pair who succeed last year with a presentation in Akbank Sanat of Istanbul, the BuSho delegation takes part once again. This time it is István Kovács representing Betonzaj (The sound of concrete) and Milán Kopasz with the animation Beyond. The sound of concrete has also an invitation to FEC Festival in Reus, Catalunya as well as Áron Ferenczi's Mr. Miller! Last but not least the Cifra3 Hungarian Film Days in Moscow will also showcase Mr. Miller, Balázs Simonyi's Indian and Kata Oláh: En passant. Obviously we will give you a review of all these events in our next newsletter.

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Mar. 16. 08:47

„SING” WINS OSCAR! (source:

Hungarian film "Sing" ("Mindenki" in Hungarian) won the 2017 Academy Award for "Best Live Action Short Film". Set in the early ’90s in Budapest, the 25-minute-long movie – inspired by true events – follows an award-winning school choir, their charming teacher, and the new girl in class whose arrival starts a series of events that might expose the dark truth behind their fame. The movie by Hungarian filmmaker Kristóf Deák is the second Magyar-made film to earn an Oscar in the past two years, after last year’s triumph of "Son of Saul" as the Best Foreign Language Film. At the 89th Academy Awards 

ceremony honoring the best film productions of 2016, held on February 26th at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, presenters Salma Hayekand David Oyelowo announced that Sing was the Oscar winner and handed the coveted golden statuettes to London-based director Kristóf Deák and producer Anna Udvardy. Hungarian director Kristóf Deák’s first job in filmmaking was with the production of Stephen Spielberg’s 2005 historical drama, Munich – which was partially filmed in Budapest – and Deák also directed 12 episodes of a Hungarian action series, Hacktion; after this victory, we are quite certain that he will be making more internationally acclaimed films in the very near future. We congratulate the entire Sing crew and cast for this stunning achievement.

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Feb. 6. 23:22

Pre-jury updated

Those of us who went through this trial claim that one of the key points of festival organization is to be dealt with by the pre-jury – selection is a mind-boggling feat which requires unbelievable energy and concentration: selecting 15 hours of shorts to be screened for the other juries and the audience from 1000+ hours of shorts. It also means that the members of the jury change from time to time, the reasons may be baby-time or a study program abroad – lucky for us, there are always volunteers who would like to give a try for this challenge. Such as for example Zoltán Vozó Végh, who is in love with cinema – so he told us – and according to whom Ghostbusters is the best film ever. So far he has directed reality shows, soap operas and he is a keen BuSho fan. Bori Vajda has been with us for years now, she studies at ELTE University and takes part in the Film Theory and Film History programme, we hope she’ll get a good first-hand experience! Annaida Orosz, a long-time member of the jury is responsible for screening the animations...

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Feb. 6. 23:20

Oscar nomination for Sing by Kristóf Deák

The nominees for this year’s Academy Awards were announced in Los Angeles, revealing that the Hungarian film "Sing" directed by Kristóf Deák, received a nomination for "Best Live Action Short Film". Set in the early ’90s in Budapest, the 25-minute-long movie – that was inspired by true events – follows an award-winning school choir, their charming teacher, and the new girl in class whose arrival starts a series of events that might expose the dark truth behind their fame. The film already gained immense international success at prestigious film festivals in Toronto and Tokyo.


Ennemis Intérieurs by Sélim Azzazi (France) TRAILER!

La Femme et le TGV by Timo von Gunten (Switzerland) TRAILER!

Silent Nights by Aske Bang (Denmark) TRAILER!

Timecode by Juanjo Giménez (Spain) TRAILER!

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Feb. 6. 23:16

Spot & Poster 2017 again

Following the successful past years we announce anew a Spot&Poster competition for which we await short films no longer than 30, respectively 60 seconds, featuring the provided topics, furthermore posters. We await the entries of everybody, regardless of age, gender and belief, this means that we are curious about your opinion from all corners of the Earth. The winners in each category are entitled to take part in the 11th GomBusSho all-arts workshop lasting one week and planned to be held between 1-8 July free and no strings attached. We will screen and exhibit each creation on the 13th BuSho Festival in September 2017.


In 2017 it’s time for the 13th BuSho to take place – overwhelmed with joy, our dear team member, Mr. Rimóczi László let his mind wander and gave us the following inspirational essay – hopefully one that inspires all of us! Lowe &  Behold! THE UNLUCKY 13th

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Feb. 6. 23:12

Euroshort collection

Euroshort goes to France with this beautiful design… During the 32° Marché du Film Court that will take place in Clermont-Ferrand (France) from 6 to 10 February 2017, the European short film festival network EuroShort will promote a selection of shorts by emerging European filmmakers, recommended by the festivals joining the network.  The compilation is available in a Vimeo album protected by password, that will be provided to the film industry professionals requiring it.

The album includes ten short films:

Landing by Filipe Martins (Portugal, 2016)
Betonzaj (The Sound of Concrete) by István Kovács (Hungary, 2015)
Café para llevar (Coffee To Go) by Patricia Font (Spain, 2014)
The Translator by Emre Kayiş (Turkey, 2014)
Isabella by Duncan Cowles, Ross Hogg (UK, 2015)
Love by Boya Harizanova (Bulgaria, 2015)
Per Anna (For Anna) by Andrea Zuliani (Italy, 2015)
Priče iz bijele sobe (White Room Stories) by Silva Ćapin (Croatia, 2016)
Nail by Philip Sotnychenko (Ukraine, 2016)
The Living Spirit by Emil Denev (Bulgaria, 2015), winner of the EuroShort Campus 2015/2016…

Further info:

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2016. Nov. 29. 23:07


After closing of last year’s archiving, registration opens for next year’s 13th BuSho Festival. According to modern time challenges you can enter on our online submission platform which went again through some minor changes that can be red in our terms&conditions. Basically we expect shorts of fiction, animation and experimental that are made after 1-January-2016 and with length of maximum of 30 minutes. Beside the refreshed own platform we reduced alternatives of submissions, only reelport and filmfreeway will remain.

The most important deadlines are listed on our website as per below:


We’d like to ask all subscribers to regularly check their spam folder of mailing system and if you made your entry please remember the date 15th June. If you do not receive acknowledgement of your submission, please take a look on our website where all results will also be displayed.

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