júl. 11. 15:16


Besides the before mentioned cancels we have received every single screening copy for the festival, so we saw to it and we have put together the detailed screening schedule of each section! Seeing this can help everyone decide how many days they can spend with us, so they can send the accreditation ’til the 1st of August, for which it’s good to know that the day of arrival is Tuesday, August 27th, and the day of departure is Sunday, 1st of september. At the same time the set up of the catalogue has begun

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júl. 11. 15:02


We have thrown ourselves for the 13th („unfortunate”) time into the sea of dust the harvest brought, which has again not caused any trouble for the small but very enthusiastic team, because the pool, or the garden shower or the Szelidi lake were all there to wash off the dirt. The aim was to create the design elements of the festival, for which we had some long absent friends and five newbies, who have found out about us at the Partium Christian University, in the college dormroom, or the workplace café!

Tovább >>
jún. 22. 11:59


Following the screening copies of the competition and panorama films (deadline is 1st of July), the final list of films has been formed slowly, from which we will soon set up the detailed schedule of each block, and If the crew has been only waiting for this, then they can accredit themselves for the festival till August 1st on the following link...

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jún. 22. 11:36


Until the screening copies of the films arrive to the Festival, the 13th GomBuSho slowly begins, which is the all-arts creative camp, where we prepare the design elements of the festival, such as the spots, design, posters, catalogue, so on. This year we have extended our BuShocountry locations, so Szeged and Debrecen has joined the city of Sopron! Debrecen’s partner, Modem is the organizer for the...

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jún. 3. 08:28


As you could read about it before on our website, we received almost a thousand submissions by the april deadline, from which the competition and panorama programme of the annual 15th BuSho Festival has been selected thanks to the tireless work of the 5 member pre-jury. The colleagues of the pre-jury have years of routine selecting films, so they were not surprised by the excellent selection that they were presented with this year, which resulted in the 70 short films competing from 18 different countries at the end of August, which assembled into categories mean: 16 animated films, 9 experimental and 45 fictional short feature masterpieces.

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ápr. 18. 08:27


This year’s 15th annual Budapest Short Film Festival has received a total of 894 submitted short films, which, according to our experience means that we will only be able to present the tenth of the films we’we been sent. so the pre-jury has to think carefully about which films it will recommend into the final program. Not surprisingly two thirds of the submissions have arrived through Freeway, followed by BuSho’s own online platform, which has received about 200 submissions, then Festhome and Reelport ends the list. First we have aggregated the sections categorically...

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márc. 10. 07:14


Following the exceptionally rich fall tour, which included, just for mentioning, Porto, Prague, Istanbul, Baku, Amarante, Delhi, Syktykvar, Izmir, Yerevan, Bali, Cleveland and Gdansk was the route on which BuSho has roamed with different presentations, but there is no stopping, the next chapter is coming! For the february deadline we found out that out of our collaboration with old-new partners at Visegrad Project we are going to participate in five other collaborations. One of them is the returning Beast - Meet The East from Portugal, an other one is the Armenian Rolan Bykov Festival. We are joining again two Youth in Action exchange programs as well, of course if they will be approved for financing.

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jan. 15. 13:37


Following the first hundred registered entries to the 15th BuSho Festival, the pre-jury started their work of selection. The core of this jury remains, but we have 2 new lady members joined the board. They only came across the BuSho feeling last year, but already volunteered for tasks. Dorka Vermes was a member of the student jury last year by ELTE, and Adele Lengyel who joined our team a few years back on a workshop. There has been one change...

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jan. 15. 12:51


Dear Budapest Short Film Festival! Congratulations on receiving the EFFE label! We are pleased to inform you, also on behalf of the EFFE International Jury and the EFFE Hubs, that your festival receives the ‘EFFE Label 2019-2020’. After verification of your application, your festival meets the requirements for the EFFE Label. You are now in the running for the EFFE Awards. The EFFE International Jury will decide on the EFFE Awards…

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2018. nov. 30. 11:29


After closing of last year’s archiving, registration opens for next year’s 15th BuSho Festival. According to modern time challenges you can enter on our online submission platform which went again through some minor changes that can be red in our terms&conditions. Basically we expect shorts of fiction, animation and experimental that are made after 1-January-2017 and with length of maximum of 30 minutes. Beside the refreshed own platform we reduced alternatives of submissions, filmfreeway, reelport and festhome will remain. The most important deadlines are listed on our website! We’d like to ask all subscribers to regularly check their spam folder of mailing system and if you made your entry please remember the date 15th June. If you do not receive acknowledgement of your submission, please take a look on our website where all results will also be displyed.


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