2021. Nov. 17. 00:00


After the closing of the annual archive, entry period will start again on December 1 for the following year, this time for the 18th BuSho Film Festival, this time not only minor, but also with groundbreaking changes in the rules and the online entry system. The most important change is our mobile optimized new website, which will now be available on, and the other is that from now on you can only register through the Filmfreeway, where you can register your films for free if you do not already have an account. So we are looking for fiction, animation and experimental works shorter than 30 minutes made after January 1, 2020 from all over the world. The former website will be accessible from the archive menu of the new page, where you can still browse the festivals of previous years. ATTENTION! The submission deadline...

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2021. Nov. 16. 00:00


In 2022 is a bit unbelievable, but the 18th BuSho Festival is coming, and what does that mean? The fact that we raised another child along our own will be the age of majority next year -at the event which was unique at the born as an international short film festival in Hungary- it can start it’s independent journey! Of course, the awakening in 2004, saying, “BuSho! That’s it!" It’s been as if thousands of years have passed, if we just look at the technical development, because we got copies of VHS tapes for the first events, then came the DVD and DV eras, until now all the physical media are slowly disappearing from our lives. And this, of course, is just one of many reasons why and how the world around us is changing and we are changing with it. At first, it was...

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2021. Nov. 15. 00:00


The fourth season of the FESTINET international short film festival network is coming with the participation of 8 partners and the arrival of new candidates. Several suggestions have been made in connection with the Hungarian candidate, but first we would like to say goodbye to the work that has represented us all over Europe over the past year, according to its order and manner. We don't have a hard time, because you can watch already the shortfilm Katapult online, we would like to personalize the director, who is called...

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2021. Nov. 14. 00:00


Fortunately, despite the usual reorganization of foreign affairs and the change of leadership at the head of KMIF, it seems that Hungarian short filmmakers prooved that in any part of the world can be a succes to showing them in recent years. Thus, we were happy to delegate our current annual Hungarian bestof selection from the 17th BuSho Festival, because in addition to the Institute's presentations, the goal is always to send the materials to a local short film festival. And this year's super8, unveiled earlier, is eager to embark on a journey around the world that will surely reach the preivous cooperative Liszt Institutes in...

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2021. Oct. 12. 00:00


With the end of the 17th BuSho festival, life didn’t stop this year either, in fact there are still long and not necessarily honeymoon weeks, while along the administrative tasks, we can finally really close the current year with the accounts while preparing already for next year! The Award packs reached all the winners quite slowly, giving you the opportunity to complete the missed tasks, such as the full playlist of the 17th GomBuSho workshop, but at the same time we also put together the usual annual bestof collections. This time, 8 films were included in this year's Hungarian selection, which started their international soar almost immediately, which we hope will last until the gate of the Oscar nomination, similar to last year's Gábor Holtai film, the Second Round. It should be noted that we have delegated the same work (which was succesful last year in Cleveland) to the Hungarian representative in the...

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2021. Sep. 5. 00:00


On the evening of September 4, the awards of the 17th BuSho International Short Film Festival were presented in the Fellini Hall of the Italian Cultural Institute. This year, of the approximately 1,000 works received, 71 short films were included in the competition program, and those interested could watch them in recent days at the Pushkin Cinema and other locations in the capital and the countryside. Following the pre-jury, the works were awarded by 2 juries at the festival, as in addition to the international jury, the Student Jury was present, whose members were Anna Tőkés (MOME), Fanni Várkonyi (METU), Bálint Antal (SZFE) and Kristóf Sólyom (ELTE ), who commented on their decision as follows: „The point of fiction in this film is not to invent things that never existed. Fiction is a means of access, through...
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2021. Aug. 28. 00:00


The opening ceremony of the 17th Budapest Short Film Festival will take place on August 31 at 7 pm in the Verdi Hall of the Italian Cultural Institute, after the ceremony there will be a reception and a concert by György Ferenczi and the Első Psti Rackák. The award-winning works of 2020 will be screened in the upstairs Fellini Hall. At the same time, an international photo exhibition called “Looks Can Deceive” will open on the ground floor, and the festival will officially begin, the award ceremony taking place here as well on Saturday, September 4 at 19:00, all the interested are welcome by the organizers.

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2021. Aug. 25. 00:00


31 August - 5 September 2021 Puskin Cinema / Art + Cinema / Italian Cultural Institute / Cervantes Institute
Fiction, animation and experimental short films from around the world / Partner festivals / Workshops / Concerts
Student jury, International jury: 3 main prizes / 7 category prizes / 2 special prizes for the best Hungarian works!
Details on the website:
The 17th BuSho International Short Film Festival will start in the Verdi Hall of the Italian Cultural Institute on August 31, at 7 pm with the grand opening ceremony, which will feature the Első Pesti Rackák under the direction of György Ferenczi and of course the screening of last year's award-winning works. Fortunately, after last year's surprise border closure, many foreign artists have once again indicated their intention to participate, so the festival world will once again become international in the first week of September at the Budapest venues. In addition to the 4 locations in the capital, you can still see the entire competition program in Sopron and Szeged as well...
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2021. Jul. 15. 00:00


After receiving the screening copies, we compiled the detailed projection program for each block, during which minor modifications were made. Instead of the usual 15 one-hour blocks, the screenings will be a bit longer, but only in 12 blocks, so we will be able to take a longer break in the middle of the day, which is needed especially for the jury members. Based on the detailed program, everyone can plan their trip if they want to participate in person at the festival, which can be applied for by filling out the accreditation form. Hungarian artists who have entered the competition do not need to be accredited, we will contact them separately. In view of the Covid confusion that has been going on since last year, we will share the English-language article here with all foreign artists and jury members, where they can find out about the news related to entering Hungary. Regardless, we recommend...

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2021. May. 31. 00:00


Out of nearly a thousand works submitted to the 17th BuSho Festival, this year's pre-jury selected 71 short films for the usual 15-hour competition program, including 4 experimental, 16 animation and 51 fiction films. As previously reported, an epidemic situation here or where, for the first time in the history of the festival, Hungarian short filmmakers paddling in Hungarian waters submitted most of these works, specifically 93 works. On the one hand, this is very gratifying, but on the other hand, it caused a serious headache for the pre-jury, which this time swelled to 6 members, and the Hungarian panorama program will promise a lot, but for now, let's see the opinions of the selectors. Annaida Orosz, who has been working with us with pleasure for many years and of course with animations, as she...

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2021. May. 30. 00:00


On behalf of the 17th BuSho Pre-Jury and the entire team, we would like to begin by congratulating all the selected artists and would like to point out at the outset that this year we will be introducing some minor changes to submitting projection copies to make your work run as smoothly as possible. As usual, we have created a separate account for each work on the festival server, where near the projection copies and the images to the festival catalogue, this time we will also be waiting for the synopses and the actual length of the work. So no later than July 1, everyone should send us a projection copy of your film with a burnt-in English subtitles according to the following parameters...

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2021. Apr. 11. 00:00


The 2020 BuSho best Hungarian short film selection tour continues and as a result of many years of work, Hungarian shorts have appeared at new events. Thanks to the staff of the Cultural Institutes of Foreign Affairs around the world, various international inscriptions are made in a row, which can be followed by visits to the institutes and then visits to local festivals. This time, Sofia was one of the first to react, where in mid-February the screenings were held in 4 installments due to the epidemic, which was commented by the local organizer Nelli Dimova: „Professor of the Bulgarian University of Film and Theater Arts, Ivan Ivanov doc. spoke again about films and about the festival at the Institute and on the Bulgarian National Radio. Thank you very much again for the opportunity. The presentation of BuSho's Hungarian winning films has become...

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2021. Apr. 10. 00:00


We were genuinely a little worried about the impact that a pandemic would have on the international short film medium, or we could call it mass hysteria, but of course we don’t, we just note that the media has proven that it can do anything in world-class. Fortunately, the received entries refuted us, as we brought the many-year average and again approached close to the thousand entries, of which roughly 70 could be included in the 15-hour competition program. More than half of the entries came again through the Filmfreeway, which is no wonder, as this year only the BuSho platform remained nearby, and of course, the databases of associations and agencies in different countries, from which we can search if it’s needed. Once again, we have received recommendations from various partner festivals or from international jury members we have delegated from Warsaw and most recently from Brno. To our great surprise, A&O, the most successful German agency in previous years, has closed, but of course...

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2021. Apr. 8. 00:00


Since the fish swimming competition we know, that „only dead fishes swim with the tide”, but a little bit we begin to become abandoned. Basically, it’s not okay to miss the Chinese tour in 2020 either, of course we just nod, like the whole world around us, what else could we do? However, based on a recent message from Beijing, we need to cancel this tour again this year: “The current Chinese situation still does not allow visas to be issued. Or Chinese vaccination can be entered through Hong Kong, subject to quarantine rules, which are currently 3 plus 1 week.” Slowly, they are really shifting people’s brains to the level where no one is planning anything, but that will be the end itself. Although we did our best again in the matter, we received a message with the wonderful Chongqing catalogue at the end of last year, and now we have created our own 3-language brochure, but unfortunately it looks like again only the virtual reality show remains. So our goal...

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2021. Apr. 7. 00:00


BuSho has celebrated it’s 15th anniversary in 2019, so we have organized a few Bestof screenings across the country already last year with the selection of which included exclusively hungarian films. Last spring, the sequel to the second episode was completed, in which we selected only international short films. Of course, we have to state right at the beginning that it would be impossible to present all the essence of the decade and a half, so we will put together different collections for different occasions. This time, we selected a particularly short but even more intense package for the 30-year-old Mediawave program, with the motto “15 years - 15 short”, in which, in addition to fiction and animation films, experimental works also appear, with this spot we hope you will be...

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2021. Mar. 17. 00:00


The entry season starts on 1st of December to the 17th BuSho International Short Film Festival, of course again with minor changes in the rules. So we are looking for fiction, animation and experimental works shorter than 30 minutes made after January 1, 2019 from all over the world, In addition to the updated own BuShonline interface, or exclusively through the filmfreeway page, for which we have listed the most important dates and deadlines on the website. The followings are requested with the entry form filled in:
UPLOAD your film for the pre-jury
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2021. Jan. 27. 00:00


To our greatest surprise, there was a serious oversubscription for our pre-selector position call for the 17th BuSho Festival, where we were looking for 1 person for one of the most important phases of the festival, the BuSho Pre-Jury, because most of the team stayed with us, which is great news. And since we have learned over the years how important the sex ratio is when, for example, the competition program has been called „too Macho”, but there are currently two male and two female selectors, we have simply articulated the task. The goal is on 2 remained online platforms (BuSho and Filmfreeway) you have to watch and record a lot of mainly international fiction short films during February - March - April, which must be presented to the viewers. Then we summarize the lists and...

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2021. Jan. 26. 00:00


Epidemic situation here or where, in 2020 we have launched again the best Hungarian short film selection at the BuSho festival for a trip around the world. Over the years, we have managed to build a relatively complex system that consists of many components into one whole in the end. One of the most important bases for this was the support of the KMIF (Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Department of Hungarian Cultural Institutes Abroad) in the framework of which quite a few of the 26 Hungarian cultural institutes around the world support the work. We cannot list them all, but the most important of these are Helsinki, Istanbul, Ljubljana, Paris, Beijing, Stuttgart, Sofia, Tallinn and in addition cultural diplomats from Baku, Kiev, Shanghai, Sao Paulo or Tel Aviv. The Institutes only organize offline screenings and and broadcast them to local short film festivals. Among others, this is how we got for the third time to the Oscar nominee...

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2021. Jan. 25. 00:00


I will continue to ad here to my previous statement, as I indicated in the title and most recently in the last post in 2020, because for us, the festival and the online terms are still incompatible, but of course we are preparing to build an online B track on which we will proceed if it’s needed. And why, despite so many domestic and international events, so persistently? Maybe because it proves from time to time again when we personally attend an event like this. We had the chance to judge at 2 international short film festivals recently, specifically on Brno16 and at the same time Koncz Teréz in Gdansk, unfortunately in both cases from home, and how can I say, I didn’t have the feeling. We didn't have to cry or laugh together...

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2021. Jan. 19. 00:00


The FESTINET Short Film Festival Network was officially born in 2019, but among the partners there are several, who have been working on the international field for more than a decade! We want to show the world that small festivals without red carpet are able to operate at a high professional and artistic level. The purpose of the cooperation is to promote the introduction of the festivals at each other's events and to represent the community in a unified way anywhere else. The Partners can send a short film candidate from 8 different countries by...

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